Bihar GK Question and Answer Prabhat Prakashan In English

Bihar GK Question and Answer in English Prabhat Prakashan

Dear Aspirants,

In this post , we have brought some Bihar GK Questions and Answer in English which is very useful for all the competitive examination in the Bihar. Candidate who are appearing  for the competitive exam of Bihar and who want to channelise their talent and Infinite Energy to take the state to new horizons of development  can read this question and Answer. This Questions cover all the aspect related to Bihar History.

Q. 1. When was the region of Bihar separated from Bengal?

Ans. 1st April,1912

Q.2. Where is Ekpira Chour located?

Ans. Kisanpur

Q.3. Where does Bihar stand in the country based on its area?

Ans. 13th

Q.4. Which is the largest oxbow lake  in Asia?

Ans. Kanwar Lake , Begusarai

Q.5. The Stone Age inscription of Dharampal found in Bodhgaya , mentions a person who built a Shiva temple there, Name the person

Ans. Keshav

Q.6. Where and when is the largest cattle fair in Asia organised ?

Ans. Sonpur , Kartik Purnima

Q.7. Where is the rail wheel plant in Bihar located?

Ans. Bela, Dariyapur , Saran

Q.8. Where did the scupltors , Dhiman and his son Bithpal of Pal era, belongs to?

Ans. Nalanda

Q.9. What was the total number of commercial banks in Bihar till the end of March 2016?

Ans. 661

Q.10. Khaddar soil is deficient of which nutrients?

Ans. Nitrogen

Q.11. When did the Bihar government start the Yukti Yojana?

Ans. 23rd April , 2011

Q.12. What is Nava Nalanda Mahavihar renowned for?

Ans. Pali Research Institute.

Q.13. In whose courts in Patliputra, did the Greek Ambassadow and the author of ‘Indica ‘, Magasthenese arrive?

Ans. Chandragupta Maurya

Q.14. Where is the Ghogha Lake located?

Ans. Manihari , Kathihar

Q.15. Who led the Kharwat movement ?

Ans. Bhagiratha Manjhi

Q.16. Who built the Sudarshan Lake?

Ans. Chandragupta Maurya and Pushyagupta

Q.17. Where does the Khond Tribe reside in Bihar?

Ans. Bhojpur(Shahabad)

Q.18. When was the Khuda Baksh library founded?

Ans. 5th October, 1891

Q.19. What is the total number of Lok Sabha member from Bihar?

Ans. 40

Q.20. Which actor is also known as”Bihari Babu”?

Ans. Sharughan Sinha

Q.21. “All humans are my children’ was the statement of which ruler?

Ans. Ashoka

Q.22. The book, ‘Chhandogya Duspadhhatti’, is composed by whom?

Ans. Vireshwar Thakur

Q.23. Where was the 12th session of Bihar provincial conference held from 18-29 August 1920?

Ans. Bhagalpur

Q.24. Which gupta king was adopted the title of ‘ Vikramaditya’?

Ans. Chandragupta-II

Q.25. Which hymn and part (Mandal) of the Rigveda describes the class system?

Ans. Purush Sukta, Tenth Part

Q.26. Who succeeded Dharampal as the ruler of Pal Dynastey?

Ans. Devpal

Q.27. Who was appointed as the ruler of Kannauj by Dharampal?

Ans. Chakrayudh

Q.28. Which hymn and part(Mandal) of the Rigveda describes the class system.?

Ans. Purush Sukta , Tenth Part

Q.29. Who introduced the concept of Rolling Plan in the economy of developing nations for the first time?

Ans. Gunnar Myrdal

Q.30. What is the literacy rate of Bihar according to 2011 census?

Ans. 63.82%

Q.31. Who led the revolt of 1857 in Bihar?

Ans. Kunwar Singh

Q.32. When was the Planning Commission of India established ?

Ans. In March, 1950

Q.33. Which district of Bihar will be most benefited by Koyal Karo Project in Jharkhand?

Ans. Aurangabad

Q.34. Which place was the main center for Islamic religion and culture in the 15th century?

Ans. Jaunpur

Q.35. When was Bihar State Khadi Gramodyog founded?

Ans. In 1956

Q.36. Which archaeological site shows the presence of iron in around 1050 B.C.?

Ans. Atranjikhera (Utter Pradesh)

Q.37. Where was the third world conference on disaster risk reduction held from 14-18 March 2015 ?

Ans. Sendai(Japan)

Q.38. What is the strength of Bihar Legislative Council after  the formation of Jharkand ?

Ans. 75

Q.39. Which place in Patna was selected to break the salt law on 16th April 1930?

Ans. Nakhaspind

Q.40. In 1758, which company secured the monopoly of salt petre trade in Bihar?

Ans. British East India Company

Q.41. Where is it mentioned that the King of Videha gave away gold coins, and cows as gift?

Ans. Btihadaranyak Upanishad

Q.42. In the year 1830, Patna was an important centre for which religious movement?

Ans. Wahabi Movement

Q.43. After the death of Kunwar Singh, who became the leader of revolt of 1857 in Bihar?

Ans. Amar Singh

Q.44. According to 2011 census, what percentage population in Bihar resides in cities ?

Ans. 11.30%

Q.45. Which Kingdoms and their fellow landlords provided monetary and personnel assistance to the British in 1857?

Ans. Darbanga , Dumrao and Hathua

Q.46. Which oil field has been connected to Barauni oil refinery through pipeline?

Ans. Naharkatia(Assam)

Q.47. What is the total strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly after the formation of Jharkhand?

Ans. 243

Q.48. Who was the governor general of of India during revolt of 1857?

Ans. Lord Canning

Q.49. Bihar is the principal produce of which mineral resource?

Ans. Pyrite

Q.50. Which act gave the right over land to the tentants in Bihar and Bengal?

Ans. Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885

Q.51. Which land ownership system was barred through the Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act, 1908?

Ans. Khutkatti System

Q.52. Which college was established by Gandhiji in 1921 in Patna?

Ans. Bihar Vidyapeeth

Q.53. Who spearheaded the Munda Revolt in 1899-1900?

Ans. Birsa Munda

Q.54. The 37th session of congress which was presided by Chitranjan Das in 1922 was held at which place in Bihar?

Ans. Gaya

Q.55. How many seats were allocated to the legislative assembly and legislative council of Bihar rspectively under the 1935 Act?

Ans. 152 and 30 respectively

Q.56. Who were the representatives of Bihar in the Lucknow session of Congress in 1916?

Ans. Rajkumar Shukla and Brajkishore Prasad

Q.57. Where in Bihar is the NTPC regulated Kahalgaon Thermal Power Plant situated?

Ans. Bhagalpur

Q.58. Where is Beryllium found in  Bihar?

Ans. Gaya

Q.59. The formal announcement of formation of which party was made at the Anjuman Islamia Hall at Patna in 1934?

Ans. Indian Congress Socialist Party

Q.60. Where was the 53rd session of Congress in 1940 held?

Ans. Ramgarh, Jharkhand

Q.61. Who was appointed as the first non government Vice Chancellor of Patna University?

Ans. Sachidanand Sinha

Q.62. Who was appointed as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1946?

Ans. Shri Krishna Singh

Q.63. Where was Dr. Rajendra Prasad jailed during Quit India Movement ?

Ans. Bankipur Jail

Q.64. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the minister of which department in the interim government?

Ans. Food and Agriculture

Q.65. What was the strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1952?

Ans. 331

Q.66. Who was appointed as the President of Indian National Congress, post Independence in November 1947?

Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q.67. Which decade recorded the highest population growth rate in Bihar?

Ans. 1991-2001

Q.68. Who was elected as the Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly on 20th July 1937?

Ans. Prof. Abdul Bari

Q.69. Which district in Bihar recorded the least population growth rate in the decade of 2001-2011?

Ans. Gopalganj(18.33%)

Q.70. Which district in Bihar recorded the highest population growth rate in the decade of 2001-2011?

Ans. Madhepura(30.45%)

Q.71.What is the expected share of Bihar state Gross Domestic Product in the fiscal deficit for the financial year 2017-18?

Ans. 2.8%

Q. 72. Which state provides coal to Barauni Thermal Power Station?

Ans. Jharkhand

Q.73. Katiya(Supaul) Hydel Power Plant is a part of which river project?

Ans. Koshi

Q.74. In which year the rail Transport started in Bihar?

Ans. 1860 A.D.

Q.75 In which year did Ajatshatru assassinate his father Bimbisar to become the ruler of Magadh?

Ans. 493 B.C.

Q.76. Buddhist Holy Scriptures are commonly known by what name?

Ans. Tripitakas

Q.78. What is the total population of Bihar according to census of 2011?

Ans. 10,40,99,452

Q.79. Which river group divides the boundary of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Karmnasha, Gandhak and Ghaghra

Q.80. Which British commander was defeated by the santhals in 1851?

Ans. Major Buro

Q.81. In which region of Bihar is the Kharwar Tribe found?

Ans. Rohtas

Q.82. The bronze statues of Buddhist architecture were a sepeciality of which period?

Ans. Pala Era

Q.83. By which name is Bakhtiyar Khilji also known as?

Ans. Gazi Ikhtiyar

Q.84. Who is the leader of the council of ministers in state?

Ans. Chief Minister

Q.85. When and where, was the first Buddhist Council organised?

Ans. 483 B.C. , Rajgriha

Q.86. What has the reason of all sorrows been referred to in Buddhism?

Ans. Pratiya Samutpaad

Q.87. When was the Kalinga war fought?

Ans. 261 B.C.

Q.88. What was the  name of the ruler of Koshal Mahajanpad with whom Ajaatshatru fought a battle of Kashi?

Ans. Prasenjit

Q.89. Which is the most densely populated city of Bihar?

Ans. Shivhar

Q.90. What is the tenure of the council of Ministers?

Ans. 5 Years.

Q.91. What was the name of the mother of Mahavir?

Ans. Trishla

Q.92.Who was the last ruler of Karnat Dynasty?

Ans. Harisingh

Q.93. Which river joins the Ganga to the south?

Ans. Punpun

Q.94. what was the tax levied for the protection of cattle in the Mauryan era called?

Ans. Vivit

Q.95. What is the genderwise literacy rate in the state according to Census -2011?

Ans. Male -74%, Female 53%

Q.96. When did Khidiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki made an attempt to assassinate Kings Ford in Muzaffarpur?

Ans. In 1908

Q.97.The Mukhyamantri Shramshakti Yojna was started in which year?

Ans. In 2008-09

Q.98. Who was the founder of the Magadha Empire?

Ans. Bimbisar

Q.99. Who was the first traveller to reach Bihar?

Ans. Magasthenese

Q.100. Which is the largest multipurpose project in Bihar?

Ans. Gandhak Project

Q.101. When and where , was the first sugar mill established in Bihar?

Ans. 1904 AD, at Marhoura

Q.102. Which city in Bihar is famous for its Nylon industry?

Ans. Munger

Q.103. Who was  the editor of the famous newspaper “Bihari”?

Ans. Babu Maheshwar Prasad

Q.104. Whose wife was Dhruvswammi mentioned in the stamps found in Basadh?

Ans. Chandragupta-II

Q.105.Where is the Research Institute of Prakrit and Jainology situated in Bihar?

Ans. Patna

Q.106. Which district has the largest rural population according to Census-2011?

Ans. Smastipur

Q.107. Which is the chief cash crop of Bihar?

Ans. Sugarcane

Q.108. What is the gender ratio of Bihar based on Census-2011?

Ans. 916

Q.109. What is the land spread of litchi farms in Bihar in 2016-2017?

Ans. 32,000 Hectare

Q.110. The parents of Magavir , the 24th Thirthankar of Jainism were the disciples of whom?

Ans. Parshwanath

Q.111. who became the first saryagrahi from Bihar on 27th November 1940?

Ans. Shri Krishna Singh

Q.112. When was the 35th Prakash Guruparv organised in Bihar?

Ans. 31st Dec 2016- 5th Jan 2017

Q.113. What was the title of the article published by Ganesh Shankar Vigyarthi in ‘Pratap’ on 4th January 1915?

Ans. Champaran Mein Andhera

Q.114. After the death of Gautam Buddha in 483 A.D. who said ‘today we are free’?

Ans. Subhadra

Q.115. According to the 2011 census , what is the gender ratio in the age group of 0-6?

Ans. 935

Q.116. Who were the two leaders arrested on 6th August 1942 from Hazaribagh?

Ans. Narayan Singh and Sukhlal Singh

Q.117. Where did Parswanath attain elightenment after 84 days of austerity?

Ans. Sammed Hill

Q.118. Who is the first female Chief Minister of Bihar?

Ans. Rabri Devi

Q.119. Where are the earliest mention of the term ‘Magadh’ found?

Ans. Atharvaveda

Q.120. When did Kunwar Singh, the rebellion leader of 1857, die?

Ans. 9th May, 1858

Q.121. Who is the composer of Allahabad Prashasti?

Ans. Harishena

Q.122. Which district in Bihar has the minimum number of families living below the poverty line?

Ans. Siwan

Q.123. Who did Iltutmish appoint as his first governor?

Ans. Malik Jain

Q.124. Who became the ruler of Magadh after the death of Shishunag?

Ans. Kalashoke

Q.125. Which was the first republic of the world dating back to 6.B.C?

Ans. Vaishali

Q.126. To which place the renowned  poet Vigyapati belonged?

Ans. Benipatti(Madhubani)

Q.127. Which movement was started after the partition of Bengal in 1905?

Ans. Swadeshi Movement

Q.128. When did Sachidanand Sinha, who had played a vital role in separation of Bihar from Bengal, become the member of the legislative assembly of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha?

Ans. In 1920

Q.129. Who killed Bakhtiyar Khilji and when?

Ans. Alimardan Khilji in 1206 A.D.

Q.130. What was the population growth in Bihar in the last decade according to Census 2011?

Ans. 25.07%

Q.131. When did Bakhtiyar Khilji attack Nadiya, the capital of Lakshman Sen?

Ans. In 2003-04

Q.132. Which was the first place visited by Gautam Buddha after he left his home?

Ans. Alarkalam Ashram(Vaishali)

Q.133. At which place in Bihar , tin is found?

Ans. Gaya

Q.134. What is the female literacy rate in Bihar according to Census-2011?

Ans. 53%

Q.135. In which Century the Magadh Empire flourished?

Ans. 6th Century B.C.

Q.136. The statue of Deedarganj Yakshi can be found in which museum?

Ans. Patna Museum

Q.137. Name the composer of Baharistan -e-Ghaibi?

Ans. Mirza Nahan

Q.138. Where is Prabhavati Ladies Library?

Ans. Patna

Q.139. What is the name of the ancient university of Bihar?

Ans. Nalanda University

Q.140. When was Barauni Oil Refinery built?

Ans. In 1966

Q.141.What was the name of the first English newspaper of Bihar?

Ans. The Bihar Herald

Q.142. Barauni Oil Refinery has been built by the help of which country?

Ans. Soviet Union and Romania

Q.143.Which was the smallest kingdom of Magadh Empire?

Ans. Kalinga

Q.144. Which ruler’s inscription, that describe ponds building and Erection of Statue of Vishnu, have been found at Mandar hills in Baunsi in Banka?

Ans. Adityasen

Q.145. What is the % of children below 6 years according to Census -2011?

Ans. 18%

Q.146. Who preside over the Bankipur Congress Conference in Patna?

Ans. Raghunath Singh Madholkar

Q.147. What is the expected Gross State Domestic Product(GSDP) of Bihar according to 2017-18?

Ans. 6,32,180 Crore

Q.148. Who was the chairman of the Welcome Committee in the Bankipur Congress Conference?

Ans. Maulana Mazrul Haque

Q.149. Where is the Baba Brahmeshwarnath fair organised in Bihar?

Ans. Buxar

Q.150. Which soil predominantly covers Bihar?

Ans. Alluvial Soil

Q.151. When was the ancient Roman Church built?

Ans. 1751 AD

Q.152. Who taught the spirituality of Buddhism to Ashoka?

Ans. Upgupta

Q.153. What percent of the total area of Bihar is covered by forests?

Ans. 7.21%

Q.154. Which place did Bakhtiyar Khilji name his capital after he annexed Bihar and Bengal?

Ans. Lakhnauti

Q.155. what is the rural and urban population of Bihar as per the 2011 census?

Ans. 89% and 11% respectively

Q.156. Buddhism is which type of religion?

Ans. Nentheistic Religion

Q.157. Which place in Bihar is known for vermicompost?

Ans. Begusarai

Q.158. Where did Gautam Buddha attain enlightenment?

Ans. Bodhgaya

Q.159. Who represented Bihar in the meeting of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army in September 2019?

Ans. Phanindranath Ghosh

Q.160.What is the population share of Bihar in the total population of India?

Ans. 9%

Q.161. Buddhist Council worked on a democratic structure, What was the minimum mandatory age for inclusion in Council?

Ans. 15 Years

Q.162. Which place in Bihar is famous for its fauna?

Ans. Patna

Q.163. Which scriptures together comprise Tripitak?

Ans. Suttapitak, Vinaypitak, Abhidhammapitak

Q.164. Kunwar Singh was the king of which place?

Ans. Jasdishpur, Bhojpur

Q.165. Which dance is performed by jat and jatin?

Ans. Bhakuli Banka

Q.166. What is the main source of income of people of Bihar?

Ans. Agriculture

Q.167. Where in Bodhgaya, is the Mahabodhi Temple built?

Ans. The spot where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment

Q.168. What was the Champaran Satyagrah by Mahatma Gandhi associated with?

Ans. Teenkathiya

Q.169. What was the name of the first railways of Bihar?

Ans. The East  Inda Railways

Q.170. Whose seals have been found in Basadh?

Ans. Mahanadi Dhruvswamini

Q.171. What was the name of the goldsmith in Pava, the capital city of southern Malla, where Gautam Buddha ate pork and died?

Ans. Chuna

Q.172. What are the high ranked officials called in Kautilya’s Arthashastra?

Ans. Teerth

Q.173. When was the new advertisement policy -2016 founded by the Bihar govenment?

Ans. 12th September, 2016

Q.174. When was the Bihar student Credit Card Scheme launched?

Ans. 2nd October, 2016

Q.175. When was Buddha born according to Chinese literature?

Ans. 563 BC

Q.176. Who presided the Budget of Bihar for the year 2017-18?

Ans. Abdul Bari Siddiqui

Q.177. Where was the first meeting of Congress Socialist Party held?

Ans. Patna

Q.178. Manjula Style is based on which famous tales of Anga region?

Ans. Bihula Vishhari

Q.179. Which guru did Buddha meet in Rajgriha for enlightenment?

Ans. Rudrak Ramputra

Q.180.Which cities of southern Bihar touch the border of Jharkhand?

Ans. Bhagalpur,Banka, Jamul , Navada, Gaya, Aurangabad and Rohtas

Q.181. Who the chief of commercial ships in the Muaryan era?

Ans. Navadhyaksh

Q.182. Who was the first person from Bihar to stand at first position in Calcutta University?

Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q.183. What is the credit -deposit ratio of all the banks in Bihar for 2016-17?

Ans. 41.7%

Q.184. Where did Buddha along with his five companions Ajj, Asigga, Vappa and Bhadia began his regorous austerity?

Ans. Forest of Uruvela

Q.185. Which is the birth place of Mahavir Swamy?

Ans. Vaishali

Q.186. Where in Bihar is the Betiya Mela organised?

Ans. Betiya

Q.187. What is the annual growth rate of number of commericial banks in Bihar in 2015-16?

Ans. 5.8%

Q.188. What is the second official language of Bihar?

Ans. Urdu

Q.189. Who recommended the installation of vemicompost unit in Khodabandpur in Begugarai?

Ans. Dr. R.K. Sohane

Q.190. When did Baldev Rai resign from the post of Attorney General during the national movement?

Ans. In 1942

Q.191. Which city in Bihar recorded the lowest credit- deposit ratio in September 2015?

Ans. Sivan

Q.192. Where is Brahmyoni hill situated?

Ans. Gaya

Q.193. Who was the last ruler of Maurya dynasty?

Ans. Brihdrath

Q.194. What is the % of scheduled tribes in Bihar according to Census- 2011?

Ans. 0.9%

Q.195. By which, name agriculture , animal husbandry , trade and commerce etc, are collectively known as in Kautilya ‘s Arthashastra?

Ans. Vart

Q.196. What is the length of Hanuman nagar concrete dam in Nepal, situated at the border of Bihar?

Ans. 1140 metre

Q.197. Where is the kakolat fair organised in Bihar?

Ans. Nawada

Q.198. Which place had the highest deposit credit ratio till September 2016?
Ans. Kaimur

Q.199. Which bank has  the highest number of branches in Bihar?

Ans. State Bank of India

Q.200. At which place Karmnasha river meets Ganga?

Ans. North of Chausa

Q.201. Who discovered Bagaon, the place situated 11 kms from Rajgir, where the remains of Nalanda Mahavihar have been found?

Ans. Cunnigham

Q.202. How many regional rural banks are there in Bihar?

Ans. 3

Q.203.In which year of his rule did Ashoka fight the Battle of Kalinga?

Ans. 8th

Q.204. What was arrangement of irrigation done by the government in the Mauryan Era called?

Ans. Setubandh

Q.205. Who composed “Kirtilata”?

Ans. Vidyapati

Q.206.’Do or Die ‘ is associated with which movement?

Ans. Quit India Movement

Q.207. Whose contribution is an important part in the evolution of Pal Era Bronze statues?

Ans. Dhiman and his son Bitpal

Q.208. What was the wild army in the Mauryan era called ?

Ans. Atawi Bal

Q.209.Which river meanders to form Kanwar Lake?

Ans. Gandak River

Q.210. In which year did Congress Socialist Pary convene its first meeting at Patna?

Ans. 1934 AD

Q.211. What was Buddha’s Last words?

Ans. Appo Deepo Bhava

Q.212. When did Shishunag ,the viceroy of Kashi become the ruler of Magadh?

Ans. 412 BC

Q.213. What was a landowner in Mauyan known as?

Ans. Kshetrak

Q.214. Where is Kanwar Lake located?

Ans. Majhaul

Q.215. Who signs the bill to be sent to the governor after it is passed in both the house?

Ans. Speaker

Q.216. Kautilya’s Arthashastra have been divided into how many parts?

Ans. 15 Parts

Q.217. What is the main thing highlighted in Kautilya ‘s Arthashastra?

Ans. Politics

Q.218. In which year did Buddha die ?

Ans. 483 BC

Q.219. The pillars of Kaushambi and Prayag mention the donations made by which queen of Ashoka?

Ans. Kaurwaki

Q.220. With whose help did Ajatshatru successfully divide Vajji Union?

Ans. Vaskar

Q.221. What was silver coin called in the Mauryan era?

Ans. Pann or Karshapann

Q.222. When was Koshi project launched?

Ans. In 1953

Q.223. Who was the 1st lady to be included in the Buddhist Council?

Ans. Mata prajapati Gautami

Q.224. By which name the river Koshi is known in Nepal?

Ans. Saptkaushiki

Q.225. Which is the only rock edict that is engraved on stone slabs?

Ans. Bhabru Edict

Q.226. What is the script of the Mauryan inscriptions?

Ans. Brahmi

Q.227. Which river is also known as Keekat and Bamagadhi?

Ans. Punpun River

Q.228. Who propagated the Mahayana sect of Buddhism?

Ans. Mahakashyap

Q.229. What are the gold coins in Buddhist jataka tales known as ?

Ans. Nishk

Q.230. What was the percentage share of Bihar in the cumulative deposits of all the scheduled banks in India in 2014-15?

Ans. 2.4%

Q.231. What was the name of Mahavir’s Father?

Ans. Siddhartha

Q.232. Which object was primitively used in arts in Mauryan era?

Ans. Stone(Paashaan)

Q.233. What is the differentiating point in Buddhism and Jainism?

Ans. Self Sacrifice

Q.234. What is the rural and urban gender ratio of Bihar according to Census-2011?

Ans. 927 and 869 Respectively

Q.235. From where the silk was imported in the Maurya Era?

Ans. From China

Q.236. Nalanda University was the main center of education for Mauryan sect. Which religion is associated with it?

Ans. Buddhism

Q.237. Who was the first chief justice of Patna High Court?

Ans. David Ejera Ruben

Q.238.Since when is Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana operational in Bihar?

Ans. 7th July 2008

Q.239.When was the Magadh University established in Bodhgaya?

Ans. In 1962

Q.240. What was “Bali” in Mauryan Era?

Ans. Land Revenue

Q.241. What is the expected GSDP of Bihar in 2017-18?
Ans. 6,32,180

Q.242. What is the posture of Buddha statue in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya?

Ans. Padmasan

Q.243. When was Kunwar Sena formed?

Ans. In 1978 AD

Q.244. What is also known as Kurkihara?

Ans. Kumhrar

Q.245. Mahavir was married to whom?

Ans. Yashoda of the Kundiyan Gotra

Q.246. Who composed the Kaikaiyi Prakriya?

Ans. Kedarnath Misha(Pradhan)

Q.247. Who gave the first information about Kesariya and Areraj Pillars?

Ans. Houtgaon

Q.248. In which stone scripture has Ashoka referred to himself as the king?

Ans. Minor rock edict of Maski

Q.249. What does Kaivalya mean?

Ans. One who has attained the complete knowledge.

Q.250. Where is the Central Potato Research Institute situated in Bihar?

Ans. Patna

Q.251. What was the % share of Bihar in the cumulative loans of all the scheduled commercial banks in India at the end of March 2015?

Ans. 1.1%

Q.252. What did Buddha embrace austerity?

Ans. Anuvan

Q.253. What is the cumulative sum of budget deficit and the market debt and sum of liabilities of the government called?

Ans. Fiscal deficit 

Q.254. Financial Planning is included under which list?

Ans. Concurrent List

Q.255. What is the name of the book authored by Kalhan?

Ans. Rajtarangani

Q.256. Which agricultural climate zone does Bihar fall in ?

Ans. Zone-4th

Q.257. Who was the leader of Bakasht movement in Barharia?

Ans. Karyanand Sharma

Q.258. In which era was the medieval Ganga Plain formed?

Ans. 4th Plestocin

Q.259. What is the death of Buddha known as in Buddhism?

Ans. Mahaparinirvan

Q.260. Who founded the Mauryan Empire?

Ans. Chandragupta Maurya

Q.261. Who advices the governor in the distribution of Ministry?

Ans. Chief Minister

Q.262. Which district has the lowerest gender ratio according to Census-2011?

Ans. Munger(879)

Q.263. Which portfolio is known as the head of the government system because it holds the post of chief advisor to the council of Ministers?

Ans. Chief Secretary

Q.264. Who allocates the ranks of cabinet minister , Minister of States with Independent Charge, Minister of State and Chief Minister?

Ans. Chief Minister

Q.265. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the legislative assembly , but individually the minister is responsible to whom?

Ans. Governor

Q.266. Manjusha Style is renowned style of which region of Bihar?

Ans. Anga Region(Bhagalpur)

Q.267. Which was the Mahavihar that was burnt by Valaditya according to stone scriptures of Mahipal found in Nalanda?

Ans. Nalanda Mahavihar

Q.268. Who has been convening the Mahila Smakhya Program since 1992?

Ans. Mahila Smakhya Society

Q.269. Where was the first capital of Magadh?

Ans. Girivraj(Rajgir)

Q.270. Whom did Mahmud Ghazni attack in 1001 AD for the very first time?

Ans. Jaipal, Hindushahi ruler of Udaybhandarpur

Q.271. What was the capital of Mauryan Empire?

Ans. Patliputra

Q.272. Which dynasty was started by Mahapadmnand after he ended the rule of Shishunag of the Naga dynasty?

Ans. Nand Dynasty

Q.273. What was the total number of branches of state and district central cooperative banks in Bihar till the end of March 2015?

Ans. 324

Q.274. Who was the last ruler of Nand Dynasty?

Ans. Dhanand

Q.275. Which tax was levied from the farmers to check the attack from the Turks?

Ans. Turushkadanda

Q.276. Where did Mahavir die at the age of 72 in 468 BC?

Ans. Pawapuri

Q.277. In which district is the Barauni Oil Refinery located?

Ans. Begusarai

Q.278. Which city has the highest gender ratio in Bihar according to Census – 2011?

Ans. Gopalganj(1015)

Q.279. Whose sister was Mahavir’s mother?

Ans. King Chetak of Lichhavi

Q.280. Which epic is the collection of 549 jataka tales associated with the rebirth of Buddha?

Ans. Khuddaka Nikaya

Q.281. What share was given as tax in the Mauryan era?

Ans. 1/6th Part

Q.282.Where is Khushehwar Bird Sanctuary situated?

Ans. Darbhanga

Q.283. Which place is the largest producer of jute in Bihar?

Ans. Purnea

Q.284. What do the scriptures of Devbarnak found in Arrah, Bihar and scriptures found in Patna and Mandar (Banks) give information about?

Ans. Later Gupta Dynasty

Q.285. When did Megasthenese arrive Patliputra?

Ans. 315 BC

Q.286. Where is Gugauli Sugar Mill located?

Ans. East Champaran

Q.287. What was Mahavira known as in his childhood?

Ans. Vardhaman

Q.288. Which epic is in the form of catechism?

Ans. Abhidhamma Pitaka

Q.289. When was the Nawada Museum founded in Bihar?

Ans. In 1974

Q.290. When was Jharkhand granted statehood after separation form Bihar?

Ans. 15th Nov. 2000

Q.291. Who emerged victorious in the tripartite struggle?

Ans. Gurjar Pratihar

Q.292 Which river separate Magadh and Anga Mahajanpad?

Ans. Champa River

Q.293. What was the total number of branches of Regional Rural Banks in Bihar till the end of September 2016?

Ans. 2092

Q.294. When was the notification of formation of Bihar issued?

Ans. 22nd March , 1912

Q.295. What is the average population per branch of Scheduled commercial banks in Bihar till the end of March 2013?

Ans. 22,491

Q.296. When did the Bihar government start the Mukhyamantri niji Poudshala Yojana?

Ans. In 2013

Q.297. What % share of branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks in the country was recorded in Bihar in June 2016?

Ans. 6%

Q,298. What was the revenue generated from the cities in the Mauryan Empire known as?

Ans. Durg

Q.299. Which place records the highest rainfall in Bihar?

Ans. Kishanganj 180 cm

Q.300. What % of commercial banks of Bihar functional in rural areas till the end of March 2016?
Ans. 55%

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