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Simplification Formulas | SSC,IBPS,BANK,ARMY,GOVT EXAM

Simplification Formulas Dear Aspirants, This page will tell you about Important Simplification Formulas and Concepts as well as order of operations(i.e. BODMAS Rule). What is BODMAS Rule ? BODMAS rule defines the correct sequence in which operations are to be performed in a given mathematical expression to find its value. In BODMAS, B = Bracket […]

Simplification Questions Asked In Previous SSC Exams

Simplification Questions Asked In Previous SSC Exams Dear Aspirant, We are here providing you the questions that have been asked previously in SSC Examination. You should also practice these basic questions and fully prepared for basic questions. You must have good speed in solving the simplification questions. Because you will get mostly question from simplification […]

Simplification Rules

Simplification Rules Importance : 1 or 2 questions based on simplification are essential part of almost every competitive exams. The difficulty level varies based on examination level. Scope of questions : The mostly asked questions are based on complex, fractions, decimal, squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots. Questions are completely numerical kind with no alongways. Way […]