CTET Answer Key 2021 PDF Download Question Papers with Answer Keys

CTET Answer Key 2021 PDF Download Question Papers with Answer Keys (Solution)

CTET 2021 exam was concluded successfully on 31st January 2021. The Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) was held in two session for Paper 1 (Class 1 to 5 teacher) and Paper 2 (Class 6th to 8th teacher). In this article, we have provided the unofficial answer key with Paper. Official answer keys will be available soon after CBSE release them at ctet.nic.in

Aspirants would be awarded with 1 mark for each correct answer. There is no negative marking in exam.

Paper & Set Name Question Paper with Unofficial Answer keys
CTET Paper I Question Paper 2021 Test Code K Download Paper 1
CTET Paper II Question Paper 2021 Test Code O Download Paper 2

Some Paper 1 Questions 2021 for CTET Primary Teacher

Question 1 : Best State of learning is

(1) moderate arousal, no fear

(2) no arousal, no fear

(3) high arousal, high fear

(4) low, arousal, high fear

Question 2 : Select from the following a group of birds each member of which is able to see distinctly the object four times as far as we can see.

(1) Crows, Kites, Nightingales

(2) Eagles, Kites, Vulture

(3) Doves, Crows, Peacocks

(4) Eagles, Pigeons, Parrots

Question 3 : A train starts from Patna on 30th May, 2020 at 23:40 hours and reaches Mumbai on 1st June, 2020 at 5:15 hours. What is the total travel time of train?

(1) 29 hours 15 minutes

(2) 28 hours 25 minutes

(3) 28 hours 20 minutes

(4) 29 hours 35 minutes

Question 4 : In order to address the needs of students who are facing learning difficulties, a teacher should NOT

(1) do individualized educational planning

(2) practice rigid structures for pedagogy and assessment.

(3) use multiple audio-video aids.

(4) use constructive pedagogical approaches.

Question 5 : Problem-solving abilities can be facilitated by

(1) encouraging use of analogies

(2) generating fear among students

(3) focusing on drill and practice

(4) encouraging fixed process of solving the problems

Question 6 : A teacher should analyse the various errors made by students on a given task because

(1) she can segregate those who made more errors in comparison to others.

(2) learning is solely based on correction of errors.

(3) she can decide degree of punishment accordingly.

(4) understanding of errors are meaningful in the teaching-learning process.

Question 7 : Shame _______

(1) is very effective to motivate the children to learn.

(2) should be generated frequently in teaching-learning process.

(3) has no relation to cognition.

(4) can have negative impact on cognition.

Question 8 : After observing that students are struggling to proceed further on an ongoing activity, a teacher decides to provides cues and hints in the form of what, why, how. According to Lev Vygotsky’s theory, this strategy of teacher will

(1) cause withdrawal tendency among students.

(2) be meaningless in process of learning.

(3) demotivate the children to learn.

(4) act as a scaffold for learning.

Question 9 : “The sum of any two whole numbers is a whole number.” This property of whole numbers is referred to as

(1) associative property

(2) distributive property

(3) closure property

(4) cummutative property

Question 10 : In which of the following states the meaning of “Torang” is jungle?

(1) Mizoram

(2) Jharkhand

(3) Assam

(4) Odisha

Some Paper 2 Questions 2021 for CTET Upper Primary Teacher

Question 1 : School _____ socialization of children.

(1) is a primary agency of

(2) is a secondary agency of

(3) does not play any role in

(4) plays very little role in

Question 2 : A child-centered classroom is one in which

(1) the teacher uses rewards and punishments to direct children’s behaviour.

(2) the teacher is flexible and caters to needs of individual children.

(3) the teacher uses the textbook as the only source of knowledge.

(4) the teacher segregates the children based on their abilities.

Question 3 : Multilingualism in a classroom needs to be understand as ________ by the teachers.

(1) a problem

(2) a systematic issue

(3) an asset and resource

(4) a hindrance

Question 4 : Which of the following is the most appropriate strategy for introducing the concept of multiplication of two decimal numbers in the middle school?

(1) Multiplication as repeated addition should be emphasized.

(2) Multiplication as inverse of division should be emphasized.

(3) The algorithm should be used to introduce the concept.

(4) The process should be visually represented.

Question 5 : The number of distinct prime factors of the largest 6-digit number is

(a) 5  (b) 6  (c) 3  (d) 4

Question 6 : If the 8-digit number 179x091y is divisible by 88, then what is the value of (x-y)?

(a) 3  (b) 4  (c) 1  (d) 2

Question 7: The marked price of an article is Rs. 840. A shopkeeper gives a discount of 15% on the marked price and still makes a profit of 19%. what is the cost price of the article?

(a) 600  (b) 640  (c) 540  (d) 580

Question 8 : The number of edges of a polyhedron, which has 7 faces and 10 vertices, is

(a) 15  (b) 17  (c) 13  (d) 14

Question 9 : The volume of a cube is 2197 cm3. What is its lateral surface area (in cm2)?

(a) 845 (b) 1014 (c) 676 (d) 576

Question 10 : ‘Y’ is a plant which does not have Chlorophyll. What could be ‘Y’?

(a) Pitcher plant  (b) Maple tree (c) Cuscuta (d) Algae

CTET 2021 Cut Off

According to the data available on CTET official website, candidates need to obtain at least 60% marks. Candidates who will obtain marks equal to or greater than the cut off marks gets the Eligibility Certificate.

Category Qualifying Percentage Passing Marks
General 60% 90 marks out of 150 marks
OBC/ ST/ SC 55% 82 marks out of 150 marks

CTET Syllabus 2021 Paper 1 & 2 – PL & UPL

CTET Selection Procedure

  • Aspirants are selected based on their performance in the written exam.
  • Aspirants must score 60% or more marks in CTET exam in order to get shortlisted.
  • Aspirants must also meet the CTET eligibility criteria prescribed by CBSE.
  • Qualifying CTET does not guarantee job to aspirants. They have to apply for recruitment at different schools based on the available vacancies.
  • Qualified Candidates have to go through the complete selection procedure of the school in which they are applying for job.
  • Qualified Candidates can show the respective school their CTET eligibility certificate issued to them after qualifying the exam.
  • CTET eligibility certificate is valid for a period of seven years from the date of declaration of result.
  • Aspirants who do not qualify the CTET exam can appear for it again as many times as they want.

CTET 2019 Paper 1 & 2 in Hindi PDF Download

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