Fast Track Objective Math Full Book By Rajesh Verma-PDF Download

Fast Track Objective Math Full Book By Rajesh Verma-PDF Download | Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma ebook pdf free download | (arihant) pdf

This book contains all the questions with answer explanation. It is good book for the candidates who are preparing for the government exams SSC, CHSL, CPO, Stenographer SBI & IBPS Clerk,  LIC AAO etc. An Important features of this book is its short cut method and trick are given. Each tricks and Short cut methods are given with its basic and fundamental method. So, that student can use these tricks according to their desire and save their precious time in Exams.

Fast Track Objective Maths book

Chapter Name  Topics
Number System Numerals, Face and Place Value of the Digits in a number, Types of number,Operation on Numbers,Divisibility Test,
Number Series Types of Series, Question Asked on Number Series.
HCF and LCM Factors and Multiples, Least Common Factors (LCM), Highest Common Factors, Methods to Calculate HCF & LCM of Fractions , Fast Track Techniques to solve the questions,Method to solve the question on Bells.
Fractions Simple & Decimal Fraction, Operations on Simple and Decimal Fractions
Square Root and Cube Root Square, Square root, Properties of Squares and Square roots, Fastrack formulae to solve the questions, Cube Cube Roots, Properties of Cube Root.
Indices and Surds Indices, Surds, Properties of Surds, Operation on Surds, Fast Track Techniques.
Simplification VBODMAS rule
Approximation Basic Rules to Solve the Problems on Approximation
Average Properties of Average, Important formulae related to average on Number.
Percentage Formula to calculate percentage, Fast Track Techniques to Solves the question on percentage.
Profit & Loss Basic rules of Profit & Loss, Fast Tract Techniques to solve questions.
Discounts Basic formulae related to Discounts, Successive Discount, Fast Track Techniques to solve the question,
Simple Interest Simple Interest , Installments, Fast Track Techniques to solve question.
Compound Interest Basic Formulae Related to Compound Interest, Installments
True Discount and Banker’s Discount True Discount, Fast Track Techniques to solve the question.
Ratio and Proportion Ratio, Comparisons on Ratios, Fast Track techniques to Solve question.
Mixture and allegation Rule of Mixture and allegation
Partnership Types of Partnership, types of Partner, Fast Track Techniques to Solve Questions.
Unitary Method Indirect Proportion, Indirect Proportions.
Problem Based on Age Important rules Based on ages, Fast Track Techniques to Solve Question.
Work And time Basic Rule related to Work and Time.
Work and Wages Basic Rules related to Work and Ages, Fast Track Formulae to Solve Questions.
Pipes and Cistern Important Points, Fast Track techniques to solve questions.
Speed, time and Distance Basic Formulae related to Speed, Time and Distance, Fast Track Techniques to solve question
Problems Based on Trains Basic rules related to Problems Based on Trains, Fast Track Techniques to solve question.
Boats and Streams Basic Formula related to Boats and Streams, Fast Track Techniques to Solve Question.
Races and Games of Skill Important Terms, Some Fact About Race,
Clock and Calendar Clock,  Important points related to Clock, Calendar, Ordinary Year , Leap Year, Odd Days.
Linear Equations Linear Equation in One , Two and Three variables, Methods of solving Linear Equation, Consistency of system of Linear Equation,
Quadratic Equation Important Points related to Quadratic Equation, Methods of solving Quadratic Equations.
Permutations and Combinations Cases of Permutation, Combination, Cases of combination, Factorial Fundamental Principles of Counting
Probability Terms related to Probability, Event, rule , Types of Questions
Area and Perimeter Area , Perimeter, Triangle, Properties of Triangle, Quadrilateral, Regular Polygon,Circle, types of questions,
Volume and Surface Area Volume, Surface area,Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Prism, Pyramid, types of Questions
Geometry Point, Line, angle, Triangle, Congruency of Triangle, Similarities of Triangle, Quadrilateral, Polygon, Circle.
Co-ordinate Geometry Rectangular Co-ordinate axes, Quadrants, Distance Formula, Important Points related to Straight Lines.
Trigonometric Measurement of Angles, Relation between radian and Degree, Trigonometric Ratios, Trigonometric Identities, Sign of Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Ratios of Combined Angles.
Height and Distance Line of Sight, Horizontal Line, Angle of Elevation Angle of Depression.
Data table Important Questions
Pie Chart Question related to Pie Chart
Bar Chart Types of Bar Chart
Line Graph Types of Line Graph
Mixed Graph Questions related to Mixed Graph.

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Author : Rajesh Verma.

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