IBPS SO Interview 2017 : Most Questions Asked In Interview for Specialist Officer

IBPS SO Interview 2017 : Most Questions Asked In Interview for Specialist Officer

Institute of Banking Personnel(IBPS) has conducted the IBPS SO Interview 2017 in February, 2017 last year. The candidates who successfully passed IBPS SO IBPS Main Exam 2017 have appeared for the Interview in Last year 2017. Most of the candidates feeling anxious about the Interview level. What type of questions Interviewer can asked from the candidates.

IBPS SO Interview 2017

We have analysis the most of Interview from the last previous years. Based on the analysis, we have prepared most common interview questions that every candidate must know.

इसलिए, यह उम्मीदवारों के लिए एक शानदार अवसर है जो बैंकिंग क्षेत्र में काम करना चाहते हैं। बैंकिंग साक्षात्कार के लिए यह आखिरी मौका हो सकता है। इसलिए सफलता हासिल करने के लिए किसी भी पल को मत छोड़ो

Important Attention : Candidates should try to find out the exact answers as per their background and comfort-ability for some of the Interview questions.

The candidates who are intended to serve the bank as a specialist Officers should know that they will be given exposure to the challenging assignment. This opportunity will get involve you in nation building developmental activities. Candidates should be ready with exact and appropriate answers for all the questions.Candidates should thinks some tips about the questions before going to interview.


Below are the common interview questions that candidate must know to answer.

Personal Questions Asked in IBPS SO Interview

Question 1. Tell me about yourself?

Question 2. Describe your Father’s work?

Question 3. Tell us about your family background?

Question 4. What are your hobbies and interests?

Question 5. Describe your Education Qualification in 5 line?

Question 6. Have you achieved anything in life till now?

Question 7. Who is your Ideal person who have inspired you most?

Question 8. What are your biggest strengths?

Question 9. What is your greatest weakness that will make obstacle in your job?

Question 10. You are a student of Art/Science/Commerce, why didn’t you go for the higher studies?

Question 11. Have you any girlfriend? If not then why?

Question 12. Who is your ideal leader, party and why?

Question 13. How are you a team player?

Question 14. Why do you want to be a Specialist Officer for Bank only?

Bank Related Questions Asked in IBPS SO Interview

Question 1. What is the objective and vision of a bank for Nation?

Question 2. Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

Question 3. Tell your career goal for bank job?

Question 4. What practices have you done to improve your banking knowledge in the last year?

Question 5. How will you handle the stressful situation in bank while dealing with public?

Question 6. Why should we hire you for our bank?

Question 7. If you a female candidate – Being a girl, if you are posted in unsafe branch or city, will you continue to work with us?

Question 8. What is the role of a bank in Indian Economy?

Question 9. What are the basics of Monetary policy?

Question 10. How many check do you knowledge?

Question 11. What do you understand by KYC?

Question 12. Is there plastic currency in India? Your preference about Paper or Plastic Currency?

Question 13. When was the Rs. 5000 note and Rs. 10,000 Issued and by whom?

Question 14. What is fixed deposit?

Question 15. What is difference between check and draft?

Question 16. What is a gift card? Have you got it anytime?

Question 17. CBS, SWIFT, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS. What are these and these full forms, features and benefits?

Question 18. What is e-commerce and m-commerce?

Question 19. Difference between Mobile Banking and Online Banking?

Question 20. What Mobile application do you prefer to use to make transaction?

Question 21. Who is the governor of Reserve Bank of India(RBI)?

Question 22. What is TDR/STDR?

Question 23. How many type of accounts do bank have?

Question 24. What is Repo Rate?

Question 25. What is bank Rate?

Question 26. What is SLR and CRR?

Question 26. What is overdraft?

Question 27. Have you any idea to improve the banking service?

Question 28. How many public sector banks are in India?

Question 29. What are the essential products or schemes launched by various bank recently?

Question 30. What do you mean by NPAs of Bank?

Question 31. How will you do marketing of any banking scheme?

Question 32. What is call money rate?

Question 33. What is ‘Green Channel’?

Question 34. What is BASEL III Norms?

Question 35. What is SAFRAESI Act?

Question 36. What is World Bank and National Development Bank?

Question 37. What do you know about Bhartiya Mahila Bank?

Question 38. What do you understand by the GDP of the country?

Question 39. What is Non-banking Finance Company(NBFC)?

Question 40. What is the difference between nationalized banks and private banks?

Question 41. What are the various risks that banks face?

Question 42. What do you understand by white label and brown label ATM?

Question 43. Difference between FII and FDI?

Question 44. What is inflation and deflation?

Question 45. What is MUDRA and BANDHAN Bank?

Question 46. Tell us about ADB? Who are its members?

Government & Banking Scheme Related Question Asked In IBPS SO Interview

Question 1. What is Atal Pansion Yojana?

Question 2. What do you know about PMJDY and PMAY scheme?

Question 3. What is banking ombudsman scheme?

Question 4. Tell us some poverty eradication scheme of govt. of India?

These are the above questions that asked in the previous IBPS SO Interview.Candidates must read above all the questions and set the answer for each question in his/her mind.

Keep you confidence up. All the best for your Interview!!

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