List of Rivers In India -Ranges & Ghats | Origin, Length, Source, Cities

List of Rivers In India -Ranges & Ghats | Origin, Length, Source, Cities

River plays an important role in the development of a country. India is blessed with many rivers. Some of them are sacred. They provides chief transportation, electricity, water for farming and are livelihood for the people of country. These are also culturally related such as holy Ganga. Each of the Indian rivers begin their journey at one of the three main watersheds.

Rivers Map of India

Rivers In Ranges and Ghats

1). Himalaya and Karakoram Mountain Ranges (Northern India)

  • Ganga
  • Brahmaputra
  • Indus (Sindhu)

2). The Sahyadri or the Western Ghats (Western India)

  • Kaveri
  • Krishana
  • Godavari
  • Tungabhadra

3). Vindhya and Satpura Mountain Ranges (Central India)

  • Tapti
  • Mahi
  • Narmada

Almost all the major Indian rivers end up joining the Bay of Bengal or the Arabean Sea.

River Length Touching States
BRAHAMAPUTRA 2,900 KM Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tibet
GANGA 2,525 KM Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal
SUTLEJ 1,500 KM Punjab
GODAVARI 1,465 KM Maharashtra, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry
KRISHNA 1,400 KM Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
YAMUNA 1,376 KM Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana
NARMADA 1,315 KM Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat
CHAMBAL 960 KM Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
CHENAB 960 KM Himachal Pradesh, Punjab
GOMTI 900 KM Lucknow
MAHANADI 858 KM Odisha
SON 784 KM Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar
KAVERI 765 KM Tamil Nadu
JHELUM 725 KM Punjab
TAPTI 724 KM Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat
KOSI 720 KM Bihar
RAVI 720 KM Himachal Pradesh, Punjab
BETWA 590 KM Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
INDUS 3180 KM Gilgit-Baltistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, Tibet
DAMODAR 592 KM Jharkhand, Bengal
BEAS 470 KM Himachal Pradesh, Punjab
GHAGGAR 1080 KM Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan
Tugabhadra 531 KM Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
Sharda 350 KM Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
Vaigai 258 KM Tamil Nadu
Benas 512 KM Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
Mahananda 360 KM West Bengal, Bihar
Periyar 244 KM Kerala, Tamil Nadu
Brahmani 480 KM Odisha
Mahi 580 KM Madhya Pradesh, Vindhyas
Bhagirathi 205 KM Uttarakhand
Sabarmati 371 KM Aravalli Range, Udaipur
Alaknanda 190 KM Uttarakhand
Teesta 309 KM Sikkim, West Bengal, Rangpur, Bangladesh
Indravati 535 KM Odisha, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra
BHIMA 861 KM Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana
Subarnarek 395 KM Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal
KONYA 130 KM Maharashtra
RAMGANGA 596 KM Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
PEENA 597 KM Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka

Source and Destination of Major Indian River

There are source and destination of major Indian rivers given. Please check in below table form.

Name Source Falls Into
GANGA Combined Sources Bay of Bengal
YAMUNA Garhwall in Yamunotri, Champasar Glacier Ganga
BRAHMAPUTRA Lake Manasarovar Bay of Bengal
MAHANADI Amarkantak Plateau Bay of Bengal
GODAVARI Brahmagiri Mountain, Tryambakeshwar , Nasik Hills Bay of Bengal
KRISHNA Near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra Bay of Bengal
NARMADA Amarkantak hill in Madhya Pradesh Arabian sea
TUNGBANDRA Krishna Krishna
INDUS In Tibet Kalish Range 5080 mts Arabian sea
DAMODAR Hoogly River, Howrah Chota Nagpur plateau
HUGLI Ganga Bay of Bengal
GHAGGAR Shivalik Hills, Himachal Pradesh Indus
KAVERI Hills of Coorg, Karnataka Bay of Bengal
JEHLAM Pir Panjal Range Chenab
CHENAB Panjnad Jammu and Kashmir
BEAS Sutlej Mandi Plain
RAVI Himachal Pradesh Chenab
SUTLEJ Mount Kailash Ropar
SON Ganga Yamuna
BETWA Vindhya Range Rajghat Dam
GANDAKI Nepal Ganga
KOSHI Ganga Ganga
GOMTI Gomat Taal Saidpur, Ghazipur
TAPTI Bettul Arabian Sea

Notes on some Indian Rivers

1. River Ganga

  • It is 2525 KM long.
  • It flows from Uttrakhand, Utter Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Jharkhand and ends in West Bengal.
  • River Ganga Orginates from Gangotri Glacier at Gomukh.
  • It joins the river Alaknanda At Deyprayag.
  • The Tributaries of River Ganga is Ramganga, Kosi, Gomati,Ghagra Koshi and Gandak.

2. River Yamuna

  • River Yamuna Orginates at Yamnotri and joins Ganga at Allahabad.
  • It is the longest river in India which does not directly flow into the sea.
  • Tributaries of Rives Yamuna are Chambal.

3. River Indus

  • It is 3180 KM long.
  • It orginates in the western part of Tibet.
  • It passes through Jammu & Kashmir and before joining residency it passes through Pakistan.
  • Tributaries of river Indus is Sutlej (Orginates in Raksha Sathal Lake in Tibet ) and shyok.

4. River Brahmaputra 

  • It flows through China, India and Bangladesh.
  • It is 3848 KM long.
  • It is called Tsangpo is Tibet and
  • It orginates on the Chemyungdung Glacier (Located on the northern side of Himalaya ).
  • It enters in India through the State Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, In bangladesh it is joined by the river Teesta.
  • Tributaries of River Brahmaputra is Dubri, Subanshi, Meghna and Lohit.

5. River Mahanadi

  • It orginates in Chattisgarh and Odisha.
  • Tributaries of River Mahanadi is Sednath, Mand, Ong and Tel.

6. River Godawari

  • It has source at Trimbakeshwar.
  • Tributaries of River Godawari is Parvara, Puma, Wangange, Manjra and Indravati

7. River Krishna

  • It orginates at Mahabaleshwar
  • The main tributaries of river Krishna are Bhima, Tungbhadra, Ghatprabha and Malabrabha.

8. River Kaveri 

  • It is 765 KM long.
  • It orginates from talkavedi in Karnataka.
  • Tributaries of river Kaveri is Heemavati , Bhawani , Noyal, Amravati and Shimsha.

9. River Periyar

  • This river is 244 KM Long.
  • It flows through Kerala.

10. River Narmada

  • This river is 1312 KM Long.
  • It orginates from markantak Plateau (Near Maikal Range ).
  • It lies between two mountain region Vindhya Range and Satpuda Range.
  • It Passes thorough State Madhya Pradesh.
  • Tributaries of river Narmada are Burhner, Banjar, Sher, Shakkar, Tawa, Kolar and Orsang.

11. River Tapti

  • It orginates from Mahadeo Hill.
  • It is 724 KM Long.
  • Tributaries of River Tapti is Purna, Girna, Panjra.

12. River Loni

  • It orginates from Aravali Range

13. River Sabarmati

  • It also Orginates from Aravali Range.

MCQ Questions on Rivers

Q1. Which river is also known as River of Lahore?

A. Sutlej

B. Ganga

C. Brahmaputra

D. Ravi

Ans : D. Ravi

Q2. Which river joins Ganga at Allahabad?

A. Yamuna

B. Narmada

C. Cauvery

D. Luni

Ans : A. Yamuna

Q3. On which river Ajmer is stated?

A. Cauvery

B. Yamuna

C. Ganga

D. Luni

Ans : D. Luni

Q4. Which cities are located on the bank of river?

A. Fatehpur, Kanpur, Bhagalpur, Uttarkashi, Haridwar

B. Ajmer, Kanpur, Bhagalpur, Uttarkashi, Haridwar

C. Fatehpur, Kanpur, Bhagalpur, Patna, Haridwar

D. Fatehpur, Kanpur, Bhagalpur, Uttarkashi, Dehradun

Ans. A. Fatehpur, Kanpur, Bhagalpur, Uttarkashi, Haridwar

Q5. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of which river ?

A. Saryu

B. Cauvery

C. Ganga

D. Yamuna

Ans. A. Saryu

Q6. Which is the longest river in India?

A. Ganga

B. Yamuna

C. Cauvery

D. Chenab

Ans. A. Ganga

Q7. Which is known as “the twin” of Narmada?

A. The Luni

B. The Mahi

C. The Tapi

D. The Sabarmati

Ans. C. Tapi

Q8. The river Godavari flows for the distance of

A. 1200 KM

B. 1890 KM

C. 1450 KM

D. 2250 KM

Ans. C. 1450 KM

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List of Indian Rivers and their origin pdf download

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