What are stages of Coronavirus Outbreak, Ways of protection from this?

What are stages of Coronavirus Outbreak, Ways of protection from this?

Coronavirus has spread its influence across the world. With over 220,000 cases and 9,000 deaths, COVID-19 is a pandemic that has forced the world to resort to desperate measures. Suspended the flights from 22nd March to 31st March 2020. Government is asking the people to work from home. Life has been brought down to its knees in the situation of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Stages of Outbreak 2020

Stages of Corona

There are four stages of Coronavirus outbreak which are mentioned below.

1st Stage – Imported Cases

Stage 1 indicates that the stage where the infection is only limited to those who have travelled to virus hit countries and have tested positive. In India, the initial virus carriers are believed to be a group of Italian who later tested positive for COVID-19.

2nd Stage – Local Transmission 

When people come in contact with those who have a travel history to countries affected by Coronavirus, it is the second stage. In this case, the source of the infection is known and can be located. India is currently in the second stages of Coronavirus outbreak.

3rd Stages – Community Transmission

Stage 3 is the stage where the source of the infection can no longer be identified. When a region is considered at Stage 3, it means that a person can test positive even when there is no exposure to the infected person or any foreign travelling patient. Large scale spread of the virus takes place in this stage. India is currently not reached to this level of stage.

4th Stage – Epidemic

Stage 4 is when the disease is considered an epidemic and there is a severe outbreak. This is what happened in China when large masses got infected and there was a exponentially rising number of confirmed cases and deaths. Italy is also in this stage.

How we can keep it in Stage 2

Quarantine – Anyone coming from countries affected by COVID-19 outbreak is being quarantined for 14 days, regardless of symptoms.

Contact tracing – If a person has been found positive, everyone he or she may have come in contact with is put under surveillance. If they show any symptoms, they are tested and quarantined too.

Stop Mass gathering – Most states have closed schools, cinema halls or are not organizing public events.

Awareness – Public is being made aware of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Preparation – Scaling up infrastructure – testing facility, isolation beds and acute management of positive cases – taking place simultaneously.

Virus Incubation Period

Virus Incubation Period
Novel Cornovirus (COVID-19) 2-14 or 0-24 days
SARS 2-7 days, as long as 10 days
MERS 5 days (range: 2-14)
Swine Flu 1-4 days as long as 7 days
Seasonal Flu 2 day (1 – 4 range)

Social Distancing

When we cancelled the events which are likely to attract crowds is called social distancing. Social distancing is generally increase the physical space between people to avoid of spreading of illness. Some example of social distancing is given below to avoid large crowds.

  • Work from the home instead of at office.
  • Closing schools and switching to online class.
  • Stay atleast 6 feet away from infected people.
  • Visit to the relative through electronic medium like instead of physically available.
  • cancel or postponed the large meeting or conferences.

Pandemic History in the World Timeline Coronavirus Pandemic

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