Wiley GMAT Critical Reasoning PDF GRAIL Aristotal 2020 Download

Wiley GMAT Critical Reasoning PDF GRAIL Aristotal 2020 Download | GMAT Critical Reasoning Grail 2019

This is the only book you need to ace the GMAT Critical Reasoning. It contains the practice set of 100 questions. It has 7 sections with full explanation. The critical part of Critical Reasoning (CR) is that you have to read the questions stems and the answer choices very carefully. If you miss even a single word such as some, you could end up with an incorrect answer.

Unlike Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning will not require you to go through myriad rules and exceptions to the rules and further exceptions to these exceptions. Critical Reasoning involves the use of just a few basic concepts and approaches to different question types.

GMAT is an exam required for admissions to MBA programs and in other top business schools across the world. It is also required for admission to a few Masters and PhD courses.

Sections Contents
1 About the GMAT
2 Diagnostic Test
3 Basics of Critical Reasoning
4 Critical Reasoning Questions Types

  • Find the Assumption Questions
  • Evaluate the Argument Questions
  • Strengthen the Argument Questions
  • Weaken the Argument Questions
  • Identify the Flaw Questions
  • Inference Questions
  • Explain the Paradox Questions
  • Provide a Logical Conclusion Questions
  • Miscellaneous Questions – Bold Face questions, Main Point questions, Parallel Reasoning questions.
5 Common Argument Structures

  • Causality
  • Representativeness
  • Arguments with Numbers
  • The Importance of Terminology on GMAT Critical Reasoning
6 Sentence Correction Practice Set – 100 Questions with Answer and Explanation

Every Critical Reasoning question that you see on the GMAT will have three parts to it.

  1. The Stimulus: This is the main body of the argument.
  2. The Question Stem: This is the one or two lines below the stimulus that actually tell you what you need to do – find the assumption, strengthen, weaken, etc. In provide a Logical Conclusion question type, this tends to be above the stimulus.
  3. The Answer Choice: Each question will have five answer choices from which you will need to identify the correct one.

Evidence + Assumption = Conclusion

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