Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis PDF Download

Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis PDF Download In Hindi

Word Power Made Easy is the most effective vocabulary builder in the English Language. This is not a reading book. Instead work with it. Write in it, talk aloud to it, talk back to it – use your pen or pencil, your voice, not just your eyes and mind. There are three parts in this book.

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Part 1 – Getting off to a good start

Word Power Made Easy Part 1 contains the below topics.

1. How to Test Your Present Vocabulary

How vocabulary growth of the average adult compares with that of children; a
simple. test to show you whether your vocabulary is below average, average, above average, excellent, or superior in range,
verbal speed, and responsiveness; important evidence of the close relationship between vocabulary and success.

2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary

How building your vocabulary will enrich your thinking, increase your self-assurance in speaking and writing, and give you a better understanding of the world and of yourself; why it is necessary to recapture the “powerful urge to learn”; why your age makes little difference; how this book is designed to build a college-size vocabulary in two to three months.

3. How to Talk about Personality Types

 Words that describe all kinds and sorts of people, including terms for self-interest, reactions to the world, attitudes to others, skill and awkwardness, marital states, hatred of man, of woman, and of marriage. How one session of pleasant work can add more words to your vocabulary than the average adult learns in an entire year; why it is necessary to develop a comfortable ·time schedule and then stick to it.

4. How to Talk About Doctors

Words that relate to medical specialists and specialties. Terms for experts in disorders
of the female organs; childhood diseases; skin ailments; skeletal deformities; heart ailments; disorders of the nerves, mind, and personality. How self discipline and persistence will ultimately lead to complete mastery over words.

5. How to Talk About Various Practitioners

Words that describe a variety of professions, including those dealing with the human mind; teeth; vision; feet; handwriting; aging; etc. How you are becoming more and more conscious of the new words you meet in your reading.

6. How to Talk About Science and Scientists 

Words that describe students of human development, of the heavens, of the earth, of plant and animal life, of insect forms, of words and language, of social organization. Books on psychology that will add immeasurably both to your store of new words and ideas, and also to your understanding of yourself and of other people.

7. How to Talk About Liars and Lying

Words that accurately label different types of liars and lying. Terms that relate to
fame, artistry, reform, heredity, time, place, suffering, etc. Four lasting benefits you have begun to acquire from your work
in vocabulary building.

How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive Test I

Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis Ebook PDF Free Download

Part 2 : Gaining Increased Momentum

Word Power Made Easy Part 2 contains the below topics.

9. How to Talk About Actions 

Verbs that accurately describe important human activities. Excursions into expressive
terms for good and evil, doing, saying, wishing, and pleasing. Further proof that you can learn, in a few weeks or less, more
new words than the average adult learns in an entire year.

10. How to Talk About Various Speech Habits 

Words that explore in depth all degrees and kinds of talk and silence. More books that will increase your alertness to new ideas and new words.

11. How to Insult Your Enemies

Terms for describing a disciplinarian, toady, dabbler, provocative woman, flag-waver, possessor of a one-track mind, freethinker, sufferer from imaginary ailments, etc. Excursions into words relating to father and mother, murder of all sorts, sexual desires, and various manias and phobias. Magazines that will help you build your vocabulary.

12. How to Flatter Your Friends 

Terms for describing friendliness, energy, honesty, mental keenness, bravery, charm, sophistication, etc. Excursions into expressive words that refer to ways of eating and drinking, believing and disbelieving, looking and seeing, facing the present, past, and future, and living in the city and country. How the new words you are learning have begun to influence your thinking.

How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive Test II

Part 3 : Finishing with a feeling of complete success

Word Power Made Easy Part 3 contains the below topics.

14. How to Talk About Common Phenomena and Occurrences 

Words for poverty and wealth, direct and indirect emotions, not calling a spade a spade, banter and other light talk, animal like contentment, homesickness, meat-eating,
and different kinds of secrecy. Excursions into terms expressive of goodness, of hackneyed phraseology, of human similarity
to various animals, of kinds of sound, etc. How to react to the new words you meet in your reading.

15. How to Talk About What Goes On

 Verbs that show exhaustion, criticism, self sacrifice, repetition, mental stagnation, pretense, hinting, soothing, sympathizing, indecision, etc. How you can increase your vocabulary by picking your friends’ brains.

16. How to Talk About a Variety of Personal Characteristics 

Adjectives that describe insincere humility, dissatisfaction, snobbery, courtesy to women, financial embarrassment, sadness, etc. How increasing your vocabulary has begun to change the intellectual climate of your life.

17. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive Test III

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