RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Analysis 29 August 2019 Shift 1 Asked Questions

 RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Analysis 29 August 2019 Shift 1

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is conducting the Online Computer Based Test (CBT 2) for the recruitment of JE, DMA and CMA posts from 28th August to 1st September 2019. there was total number of Vacancy is 13,487. RRB has declared the result of CBT 1 before some days.  Candidate who have shortlisted in 1st Stage of RRB Exam will have to appear in the CBT 2 for further selection process. More than 2 Lakh Candidate are going to Appear in the CBT 2 of RRB JE Exam.

In this post, we are providing the Detailed Exam Analysis and Review of Computer Based Test of RRB JE, CMA and DMA posts. candidate who are going to appear in next shift can see the level of questions asked in Morning Shift of 29th August 2019

RRB JE Exam Analysis

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift Timing

Shift 1– 10 AM to 12 PM

Shift 2 – 3 PM to 5 PM

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Analysis Good Attempts

Subject No. of Questions Good Attempts
General Awareness 15 8-9
Physics & Chemistry 15 9-11
Basics of Computer 10 6-8
Basics of Environment & pollution 10 6-8
Technical Abilities(Civil, Elec, IT, CS etc.) 100 72-80
Total 150 108-112

Note : There is 1/3rd negative marking  for each wrong answers

Exam Duration 120 Minutes(2 Hours)

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift 1 General Awareness Questions

The level of Questions asked in General Awareness was of Moderate Level, below are some questions asked in Moring Shift of 29 August 2019

  • Where is Vansda National Park situated ?- Gujarat
  • CM of Goa- Pramod Sawant
  • Full form of CSIR – Council of Scientific and industrial Research
  • In 1983 Presidental cup who was captain of West indies Team.
  • Who was captain of England Cricket Team in World Cup 2019 ?
  • Capital of Peru – Lima
  • Capital of Uganda- Kampala
  • Father of PM Narendra Modi- Damodardas Mulchand Modi
  • Governor of Himachal Pradesh
  • Kimono Dress belong to which country ?- Japan
  • Ozone Layer is found in – Stratosphere
  • Coach of Indian Footfall Team
  • Religion of Kanishk
  • Alexander the Great Belonged to which country ?- Greece
  • Ryder cup is related to which Sports ?- Golf
  • Headquarter of World Bank

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift 1 Physics & Chemistry Questions

The Level of Physics & Chemistry Exam was easy to Moderate level, you can attempt 10-13 questions if your Science Learning is Strong. below are some questions asked in 1st Shift

  • 2-3 numerical from oxidation reduction.
  • Unit of pressure – Pascal
  • Hardest Form of Steel

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift 1 Computer Application Questions

Will Be Updated Soon..

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift 1 Environment Pollution Questions

Will Be Updated Soon..

RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Shift 1 Technical abilities Questions

According to candidate review , the level of Technical Ability questions was of Moderate Level. below are some questions asked in 1st Shift of 29 August 2019

  • 4-6 questions was from Combustion Engine
  • Uniformly Distributed Load.
  • Intersection of Flank and Base
  • Equations of continuity
  • Unit of Ecological Footprint – Global Hectare
  • Moment of inertia of quarters circle
  • Zero coefficient of expansions
  • Propper Cantilever
  • In Mechanical , 50-55 questions was asked from theory of Science
  • Railway Crossing and Road Crossing Min angle
  • Questions based on Formula.
  • Modulus of Resilence.
  • Questions based on Absolute Pressure.
  • HOOP Stress Formula
  • How many types of optical Flat
  • Formula of Strain Energy
  • Rough Surface of Grinding
  • Rawan Formula
  • Thermit welding ratio of Aluminium and Iron.
  • Chemical formula of R11.
  • What will be performance of compressor at higher altitudes.
  • Ideal Gas equals to ….
  • Find the of n where v1, t1,v2,t2 is given ?

RRB JE Selection Procedure 2019

Below process has been including to select a candidates for RRB JE post.

RRB JE Selection Process

All the best for your upcoming exam!

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