Coding and Decoding Easy Tricks for Competitive Exam With Examples

Coding and Decoding Easy Tricks For Competitive Exam SSC, Bank, RRB

In questions on coding- decoding , a word is coded in a particular way and the candidates are asked to code other words in the same way. The coding and decoding tests are set up to judge the candidate ‘s ability to analyze the rule that has been followed to code a particular word/message and break the code to analyze message.

To solve any Coding and decoding questions we have to learn Order of English Alphabet from (A – Z).

Order of English Alphabet

In this posts,  we are providing some tricks to remember position of English alphabets With Examples .


(i). By using two Words “EJOTY” and “CFILORUX we can easily remember the position of English Alphabets.

Position of EJOTY and CFILORUX

  • Backward position of a letter = 27- Forward order Position of Letter.

(ii). By Using “VQLGB” and “XUROLIFC” , we can easily remember the positions of letters of alphabet in Reverse Order

Position of VQLGB and XUROLIFC for reverse

Example: If BAG = 71, then VICE =?

Step 1 : To solve above questions , we should try to  find which logic is used either Forward Or Backward Position of letters of Alphabet  is used in “BAG” . In this Backward positions of alphabet used.

Step 2 :  Find the Backward position of letter “BAG”

Backward position for B = 27-2=25

Backward position for A = 27-1 =26

Backward position for G = 27-7 =20

Now add the backward position for Letter “BAG” = 25+26+20 =71

Step 3 :  Now, Apply the used rule of Letter “BAG” in letter “VICE”

Backward Position for V = 27-22= 5

Backward Position for I  = 27-9 =  18

Backward Position for C = 27-3 =24

Backward Position for E = 27-5 = 22

Step 4 : Now add Backward position of V,I,C and E = 5+18+24+22=69

Example 2 : In a certain code, LAKE is written as OZPV, How will BACK will be in that same code ?

To find the Code of “BACK” we have to know which type of logic is used by word ” LAKE”. For this

Step 1: Write these two Words “LAKE” and “OZPV ”  by drawing arrow between these words


Step 2: Remember position of Alphabets and write above of these words.

codding & Decodding example 2


Step 3 : Try to find the the logic which can be followed by each alphabets of English Language in the above letter ” LAKE” opposite position for is codded.

Step 4 :  Apply the same rule to find the code for letter ” BACK” which have used in codding of letter “LAKE”.

code for BACK

Step 5 : Hence, Code for “BACK “is “YZXP”

Example 3 :  In a certain Code language ” BAT” is codded as “YZG”. How will “SICK” codded in the same language ?Solution : In the above Example, we have to find the code  for letter ” SICK” by using the used logic of Letter ” BAT” in codding as “YZG”.

Step 1: Try to find the logic used in codding of BAT by analyzing the code of BAT

logic used in codding of code BAT

Step 2 : Apply the same logic of codded word ” BAT ” in codding of ” SICK”

Code for Word SICK

Step 3 : Hence, code for “SICK” is “HRXP”

Letter Coding  : Letter coding is a part of coding in which the letters of a word are replaced by certain other letter according to a specific pattern / rule to form a code

Example 4 :  In a certain code language, ‘PICTURE’ is written as ‘ QHDSVQF’. How would ‘BROWSER’ be written in that same code language ?

Solution: The letter in the Word ‘ PICTURE’ are moved alternately , one step Forward and Word Step Backward to obtain the letter of the code.

Letter Coding example 4

So, Code for “BROWSER” is CQPVTDS.

Example 5 : In a certain Code Language, ‘GIVE is written a ‘VIEG’ and ‘OVER’ is written as ‘ EVRO’. How will ‘DISK’ be written in that same code ?

Solution : The position of letter ‘GIVE’ and ‘OVER’ is  changed as “VIEG’ and as ‘ EVRO’.

Letter coding Example 5 So, Code for ‘DISK’ is ‘SIKD’

Direct Letter Coding : In this type of coding, the code letter occur in the same sequence as corresponding letters occur in the words.

Example 6 : In a certain code language, ‘STARK is written as ‘LBFMG’ and ‘MOBILE’ is written as “TNRSPJ’. How will ‘BLAME’ be written in that code ?

Solution : Use the direct letter coding method to find the solution of word ‘BLAME’.

Direct Letter Coding Example 6

So, Code for BLAME is RPFTJ

Substitution Coding : In this type of coding, some particular words are assigned with certain substitute names. Substitute coding can be based upon color or any substance.

Example 7 : If “White” is called as “Blue”, ‘Blue’ is called as ‘Red’, ‘Red’ is called as ‘Yellow’, ‘Yellow’ is called as ‘ Green’ , ‘Green’ is called as ‘Black’, ‘Black’ is called as ‘Violet’ , ‘Violet’ is called as ‘Orange’ , then what would be the color of Human Blood ?

Solution : We know that the blood of the human body is ‘ Red’ and given that ‘Red’ is called Yellow, So, the color of the human body is ‘Yellow.

Example 8 : If ‘Parrot’ is known as ‘Peacock’ , ‘Peacock’ is known as ‘Swallow’ , ‘Swallow’ is known as ‘Pigeon’ and ‘Pigeon’ is known as ‘Sparrow’ , then what would be the name of National Bird of India ?

Solution : We know that National Bird of India is ‘Peacock’ but here , ‘Peacock’ is known as ‘Swallow’, So answer is ‘Swallow’

Deciphering Message Coding / Numeral Coding : In this coding, A certain message or number is coded  into another message on number.

To solve question of deciphering coding / Numeral coding, First of all we have to find the common code from the given statements, after that, we find the left code for a number , then we assume answer.

Example 9 : In a certain code language, ‘it pit sit’ means ‘I am boy’ , ‘it nit sit’ means ‘i am girl’, which of the  mean ‘girl’ ?

Solution :

decephering coding example 9 solution

In the above figure code for ‘it’ and ‘sit’ is common in both coded message that is ‘i’ and ‘am’, so code  for ‘girl’ is ‘nit’

Example 10 : In a certain code language, ‘786’ means ‘study very hard’,  ‘958’ means ‘hard work pays’ and ‘645’ means ‘study and work’. then what is the code for ‘very’ ?

Solution : i.  7 8 6 →study very hard

ii. 9 5 8 →hard work pays

iii. 6 4 5 →study and work

In the 1st and 2nd statement , digit 8 is common and  word ‘hard’ is common. So, ‘8’ means ‘hard’, In second and third statement digit ‘5’  and word ‘work’ is common So, ‘5’ means work, In first and third statement, digit ‘6’ and word ‘study’ is common, digit ‘7’ is left in the first statement which is not common to any statement So, ‘7’ means ‘very’

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