Indian Bank PO Mains Exam Analysis and Review 2018: 4th November

Indian Bank PO Mains Exam Analysis and Review 2018: 4th November

Indian Bank has today (4th Nov 2018) conducted the PO Mains Exam which consists of 4 sections of objective types of 200 marks.  Each section was having its time limit. Paper was having two parts one is objective test and another is descriptive test.

Part Marks Time
I 200 3 Hours
II 25 30 Mins

Indian Bank PO Mains Exam Analysis 2018 (Overall)

Sections Good Attempts
English Language 28-30
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 39-42
Data Analysis and Interpretation 24-28
General Awareness 33-35
TOTAL 128-135

Indian Bank PO English Language

Level of English section was moderate. i) One Reading Comprehension (RC) based on Economy was asked in exam. ii). 2 questions were on Antonyms-Synonyms.

Topic No. of Qs Level
Reading Comprehension 8 Moderate
Triple Fillers 4 Easy
Parajumbles 5 Moderate
Column Based 4 Moderate
Phrase Replacement 3 Difficult
Word Interchange 3 Easy
Connectors 4 Moderate
Error Detection 4 Easy
Total 35 Moderate

Indian Bank PO Reasoning and Computer Aptitude

Level of Reasoning and Computer Aptitude was moderate. No questions was asked from Computer Aptitude. Below are the some questions of puzzles and seating arrangement.

i). Age, Fruits and Persons based puzzle

ii). 2 Buildings and 5 Floors based Puzzle

iii). Linear Seating Arrangement of 8 Persons and Blood Relations based puzzle

iv). 3 Variable Puzzle based on Department, Persons and Sports

No. of Qs
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles
Coding Decoding

5 Easy
Inference Based
Assumption and Conclusion
Decoding based Direction Sense
45 Easy-Moderate

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Level of Quantitative Aptitude section was easy to moderate or do-able level. Below are the DI types asked in Indian Bank PO Mains 2018.

i). Bar Graph

ii). Pie – Chart

iii). Line Graph

iv). Caselet – Population and Company

Topic No. of Qs Level
Data Sufficiency 5 Easy
Quantity I, Quantity II 5 Easy
Data Interpretation 15 Moderate
Caselet Based DI 5 Difficult
Miscellaneous 5 Moderate
Total 35 Moderate

Indian Bank PO General Awareness

This section was contain of 40 questions and the general awareness questions level was of moderate. Questions came into this section was from current affairs (i.e. Jul, Aug, Sep Months) and budget & banking awareness.

Indian Bank PO Descriptive Paper or Test

Topics Marks Time
Letter Writing (150 Words) 25 30 Mins
Essay Writing (150 Words)

Letter Writing

i). Write a letter (WAL) to a Newspaper Editor highlighting importance of education to people about RTI.

ii). Write a letter (WAL) to your branch manager for insufficient funds in ATM.

Essay Writing

i). Cashless Economy – Boon or Bane for Illiterate People

Short Explanation : A system or place where no physical cash is in circulation is called a cashless system. Payments are made through credit and debit cards, bank electronic fund transfers or virtual wallets.

Benefits : (i) Cost Reduction of Storing Cash, (ii) Risk Reduction – Stolen, (iii) Convenient – transact 24 * 7 hours, (iv) Tracking spends, (v) Increase in tax base (vi) Containment of parallel economy – track black money & illicit transactions, (vi) Financial Inclusion (vii) Discounts

Disadvantages : (i) Risk of identity theft, (ii) In case of loss or theft of card, getting another card is time consuming process, (iii) Mobile phone had become an important element of cashless economy, loss of phone may become a double whammy as many financial details can be retrieved from it, (iv) we take into account the proportion of non-tech-savvy population, the practical implementation of cashless economy will take enormous efforts.

ii). Importance of Reading for Personality Development

Benefits of Reading : (i) Reading can educate you, (ii) Reading can energize you, (iii) Reading can inspire you, (iv) Reading can help you stay sharp, (iv) Increase patience level, (v) Bring tranquillity, (vi)  Learning of new words, (vii) Learning of new language and more…..

iii). Bank as a Victim of Cyber Crime

There has been a 350% surge in cyber crime cases registered in India*. From crude phishing emails to sophisticated malware attacks, the thefts are designed to steal private data or disrupt access to your systems.

Factors like high-speed internet connectivity, increase in smartphones usage, and lack of awareness about Internet security often play a role in consumers falling prey to cyber criminals.

While it is advisable to be safe and secure, it is equally important to know what to do when you become a victim of cyber crime.

Here are some ACTions you should take to minimise the risk.

(i) Disconnect and Detach

(ii) Take Legal Action

(iii) Inform your Contacts

(iv) Take Preventive Steps for the Future

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