Lucent General English PDF Free Download by AK Thakur Part 1

Lucent General English PDF Free Download by AK Thakur Part 1 | Lucent General English Language Part 1 PDF Download

Every Lucent’s Books are important for the competitive exam. Today we have brought the Lucent General English Book PDF written by AK Thakur. This book is useful for SSC, Railway, UPSC, P.C.S., Bank (P.O/Clerk), C.D.S., N.D.A., SCRA, CAT, MAT, MBA (XAT, FMS, JMET, SNAP, CET, ATMA, IIFT, NID) B.B.A., B.B.M., B.B.S., Hotel Management, B.M.S, CCEE, MCA, BCA, IGNOU, Tax Assistant, Income Tax & Excise Inspector, Stenographer, Translator, B.Ed. Entrance, Commercial Auditor, Section officer, IIIT, JNU Entrance, LIC (AAO), GIC, AFMC and other competitive exams.

Lucent General English Book Cover

Lucent General English Book Topics Name

Topics Name Materials
Syntax Subject-Verb Agreement (the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language)
Articles Indefinite (A, An), Definite Articles (The), Rules, Practice Sets
Noun Countable, Uncountable Noun, Types
Noun and the Number Singular, Plural Number in Noun, Rules, Usage of some words
Noun and the Gender Masculine (Boy, Father); Feminine (Girl, Mother); Common (Baby, student); Neuter (Tree, pen) Genders, Rules
Noun and the Case Nominative, Objective, Possessive, Vocative Noun, Rules
Pronoun is for-a-noun, Kinds of pronouns, Rules, Correct Use, Practice set
Adjective Qualifying words, Uses, Adjectives of Number, Rules, Practice Sets
Interchange of degrees of comparison change the degree of comparison without changing the meaning of a sentence. Positive degree to Comparative degree and vice versa, Superlative to Positive degree and vice versa,
Time and Tense Kinds of Tense, Rules, Structure of Tense
Narration Direct and Indirect Speech, Assertive sentence (Declarative/ statement), Interrogative sentence (question), Imperative sentence, Optative sentence, Exclamatory sentence, Rules
Voice Active and Passive, Convert Active to Passive Voice and Vice versa, structure,
Removal of Too How to remove ‘Too’, Practice Sets
Verb a word that states something about a person or a things, kind of verb (Transitive & Intransitive), Practice Set
Verb Form Five forms of verbs (present, past, past participle, present participle, Singular form), Rules
Auxiliary Verbs Those verbs which are used with other verbs to express  possibilities and willingness along with making question, negative and tense.Types of Auxiliary Verbs (primary, modal, marginal), Rules, Use of modal verbs (‘Need’, ‘Must’, ‘Should’, ‘Would’, ‘Will’, ‘Shall’, ‘May’, ‘Might’, ‘Can’, ‘Could’)
Adverb qualifies a verb, an adjectives or another adverb, Kinds of Adverb, Use of words (‘Hotly’, ‘Shortly’, ‘Directly’, ‘Barely’, ‘Surely’, ‘Scarcely’, ‘Warmly’, ‘Coldly’), Rules
Preposition a word used before a noun or pronoun, correct use of pronoun
Conjunction a word which joins two or more than two words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Rules, Differences (‘So’ and ‘Therefore’; ‘If’ and ‘When’; ‘As’ and ‘Like’)
Non-finites Infinitives (to + V1), Gerund (V1+ ing), Participle (V1+ ing/ ed/ en etc). Kind of these Non-Finite with rules
Question Tags It is used in the last of question (?).
Emphatic with Do/ Does/ Did Usage of do/ does/ did before Main verb is called Emphatic.
Common Error Find error part of sentences
Correction of the Sentences Check Grammar of sentences with each topics of grammar. It should be constructed correctly.
Transformation of Sentences-I Interchange of Affirmative and Negative sentence with rules
Analysis of Sentences Telling the inter relation of separated words or parts from the sentence is called analysis of sentence.
Transformation of Sentences-II Conversion of Simple Sentences into Compound Sentences
Synthesis of Sentences Combination of a number of simple sentences into one sentence – simple, compound or complex
Synonymous Same Meaning
Antonyms Different Meaning
One Word Substitution Tell in one word
Phrasal Verbs Combination of more than two words called Phrasal verb
Words Often Confused Identify meaning of same pronunciation words
Idioms and Phrases Phrases are unlike idioms, they are actually direct and to the point.They do not have figurative meaning, the expression means what the words indicate. A phrase, unlike a complete sentence, does not have a subject and verbs.
Proverbs is a simple, concrete, traditional saying that expresses a truth based on common sense or experience.
Foreign Words and Phrases Usage of foreign word in speech
Spelling Test Correct the spelling mistake
Miscellaneous Young Ones of Animals and Birds, Special meaning of the names of animals, Places where things are made, Sound of birds, animal and insects
The same word used as Different Parts of Speech ‘A’ is used as article and preposition

Lucent’s General English Book PDF Download

Subject : Lucent’s General English

Language : Hindi

Format : PDF

Page : 557

Author : By AK Thakur

Quality : High

Size : 166 MB

Download Link : PDF Download

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