Manhattan GMAT Word Problems PDF – Latest Editions

Manhatten Prep GMAT Word Problems PDF Download – Latest 6th Edition | GMAT Strategy Guide

This books build understanding of statistics, rates, work & more. You will be able to learn to classify and solve word problems effectively. Review practice problems with detailed explanations.

This comprehensive guide analyzes the GMAT’s complex word problems and provides structured frameworks for attacking each question type. Master the art of translating challenging word problems into organised data.

Manhatten GMAT Word Problem Cover

In this book, problem sets and their solutions are given with each of the topics.

  1. Translations
  2. Strategy: Work Backwards
  3. Rates & Work
  4. Strategy: Choose Smart Numbers
  5. Overlapping Sets
  6. Statistics
  7. Weight Averages
  8. Consecutive Integers
  9. Strategy: Draw It Out
  10. Extra Overlapping Sets and Consecutive Integers

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