One Word Substitution Practice Quiz In English For SSC, RRB, Bank

One Word Substitution Practice Quiz In English For SSC, RRB, Bank

One Word Substitution practice questions has been given in this article. Candidates can boost up their marks in the competitive exams like SSC, RRB, Bank etc. by understanding below one word substitution questions and answers.

Answer of all the one word substitution questions are given in the bottom of the article.

1. A person who is experienced and easily deceived.

A.  Greenhorn
B.  Blackhorn
C.  Immature
D.  Fool

2. One who is not easily pleased by anything .

A. Maiden
B. Fastidious
C. Precarious
D. Mercurial

3.  Study of insects

A. Philology
B. Zoology
C. Entomology
D. Etymology

4. One who eats Everything

A. Omnivores
B. Insolvent
C. Hungry
D. Omnipotent

5. Customs of having several husbands at the same time

A. Adultery
B. Polyglot
C. Polyandry
D. Poly Sexual

6. The violation of profaning sacred things

A.  Sceptic
B. Opportunist
C. Sacrilege
D. Pantheism

7. A job carrying no salary

A. Honarary
B. Honorarium
C. Memento
D. Memorandum

8. Government by person of highest social order.

A. Dictatorship
B. Theocracy
C. Aristocracy
D. Oligarchy

9. One who eats human flesh.

A. Cannibal
B. Herbivorous
C. Carniborous
D. Glutton

10. A Child born after the death of his father.

A. Prenature
B. Posthumous
C. Consort
D. Censer

11. A Place where water is stored

A. Abottoir
B. Utopia
C. Dormitory
D. Reservoir

12. The murder of brother

A. Genocide
B. Homicide
C. Fratricide
D. Salvage

13. Fear of Animal

A. Zoophobia
B. Cyberphobia
C. Anemophobia
D. Xenophobia

14. Constant effort to achieve something

A. Meticulous
B. Assiduous
C. Replica
D. Perseverance

15. A feeling of intense longing for something

A. Yearning
B. Gratification
C. Satiety
D. Apathy

16. A round-about way of expression

A. Loquacious
B. Talkativeness
C. Verbosity
D. Circumlocution

17. A exact Copy

A. Clone
B. Mirror
C. Facsimile
D. Twin

18. A remedy for all disease.

A. Antiseptic
B. Narcotics
C. Antibiotic
D. Panacea

19. A Place of shelter for ships

A. Barrack
B. Harbour
C. Port
D. Helipad

20. One Who values practically

A. Realist
B. Pragmalist
C. Pliable
D. Apotheosis

21. An act when people vote in order to make a decision about a particular subject or policy rather than voting for a person.

A. Exit-Poll
B. Election
C. By-Election
D. Referendum

22. Stick with a thick end used in a mortar for pounding.

A. Pestle
B. Stifle
C. Thistle
D. Sceptre

23. Lack of Skill

A. Insolence
B. Insistence
C. Inertness
D. Ineptness

24. To make atonement for one’s sins.

A. Recant
B. Explate
C. Renounce
D. Remonstrate

25. Falsification of documents is known as.

A. Laminating
B. Copying
C. Forgery
D. Xeroxing

26. A person inclined to question or doubt a accepted opinions.

A. Adherent
B. Sceptic
C. Disciple
D. Zealot

27. A sheath for the blade of a sword.

A. Denude
B. Divulge
C. Expose
D. Scabbard

28. Short speech or poem given at the end of a play or a book.

A. Epilogue
B. Epicure
C. Epigram
D. Epitaph

29. Showing strong feeling.

A. Vehement
B. Meek
C. Impotent
D. Apathetic

30.  One loads or Uploads ships.

A. Lapidist
B. Reticent
C. Transgressor
D. Stevedore

Download One Word Substitution Quiz PDF

Candidates can download one word substitution quiz pdf by clicking on below link.

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(1). A   (2).(3). (4). (5). C  (6). C  (7). (8). C  (9).(10). B  (11). (12). C  (13).(14). (15). A       (16).(17).(18).(19).(20).(21).(22).(23). (24). B (25).(26). B  (27). D  (28). (29). A      (30). D

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