How to prepare for SBI PO Group Discussion and Interview

How to prepare for SBI PO Group Discussion and Interview

Marks secured by the candidates in Main Examination are converted to out of 75 and marks secured in GD and Interview are converted to out of 25. Final merit list is arrived after aggregating converted Marks of Main exam and GD and Interview. Topics for SBI PO Group Discussion (GD) – 20 marks and Interview – 30 marks are given below.

SBI PO GD and PI Preparation

SBI PO GD and Interview Process

  • Call Letter
  • Reached to Venue
  • Id check
  • Check name in List
  • Signature
  • Bio-metric
  • Document Verification in a hall
  • Group Exercise
  • Writing Pad
  • Topic for GD
  • 5 Minutes
  • Start GD
  • Conclude GD
  • Another Hall
  • Interview in front 4 to 5 panelists.

Question Prints and rank those question according to your view.

SBI PO GD Topics Asked in 2018

  • SBI Merger – Pros and Cons
  • Wind Power vs Solar Power
  • One Rank and One Pension (OROP) – Merits and Demerits
  • Indian in the Rich List. Should we proud of it?
  • Should we play national anthem in cinema hall?
  • How to reduce gab between villages and cities?
  • What according to you is a successful person?
  • Creation of small states in India – good or bad?
  • Should there be a cap on wedding expenditure?
  • Should India adopt Cashless Economy?
  • Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?
  • Indian villages – strength or weakness?
  • NEET – boon or bane?
  • Are leader born or made?
  • Should growth and development be the top priority of India or the Equal distribution of wealth?
  • Business and Ethics are 2 faces of a same coin? Do you agree they both run together?

SBI PO GD Topics Asked In 2017

(A) Factors influencing economic development of a nation.

Points :

  1. Natural Resources
  2. Capital infusion
  3. FDI
  4. Honesty and Integrity
  5. Technology
  6. Political freedom
  7. Human Resources

(B) How can female foeticide and infanticide be reduced.

Points :

  1. Making awareness of gender issue
  2. Free education for women up to college level
  3. Reservation in Parliament
  4. Reservation in employment for women
  5. Stringent law should be made (legal provision)
  6. Govt. should support or arrange finance for their marriage

(C) The qualities for the manager in 21st century

Points :

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Initiative
  3. Confidence
  4. Teamwork
  5. One’s emotions
  6. Humbleness

(D) How to reduce gab between Villages and Cities

Points :

  1. Increase in agriculture subsidies
  2. Building infrastructural
  3. Providing job opportunities
  4. Construction of roads
  5. Focusing more on schools and hospitals in villages
  6. Educating farmers on modern agriculture methods
  7. Providing interest free loans to farmer

(E) What could be done to improve India’s performance in international sports events

Points :

  1. Opening more sport academies
  2. Making sports part of curriculum mandatory in all schools
  3. Infrastructural development in sport institutes
  4. Promoting private sport academies
  5. Increasing funding in sport training institution
  6. Re-designing governing policies in sports
  7. Promoting sports in all possible ways
  8. Investing more of GPD in promoting sports.

Dos for Group Exercise

  1. Outfit : Have a nice formal outfit
  2. Take initiatives to discuss GD topic
  3. Loudness of your voice : keep it moderate
  4. Involving members : Do involve all members
  5. Ensuring smooth discussion
  6. Contents : put examples, facts, figures
  7. Quality of points : be logical, meaningful

Don’ts for Group Exercise

  1. Don’t be aggressive
  2. Don’t be personal with anyone
  3. Don’t show inclination towards any religion or political party
  4. Don’t point your finger towards anyone
  5. Don’t shout

Do’s for Interview

  1. Outfit : Have a nice formal outfit
  2. Greet the Interviewers
  3. Be confident : have a constant little smile
  4. Loudness of your voice : keep it moderate
  5. Be genuine and frank
  6. Greet Interview while leaving

SBI PO Interview Questions

If earthquake come during interview, what will you do?

What are your strength and weakness?

When did you visit to your branch?

Do you know RTGS, IMPS banking?

SBI Headquarter, tagline, etc.

SBI PO GD Language

  • You can speak Hindi or English.
  • Keep yourself logical correct.
  • Be confident during speaking

SBI PO Prelim Exam Analysis

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All the best for your upcoming exam!

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