RRB Group D Exam Analysis 20th Sep 2018 – Shift 1st, 2nd, 3rd

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 20th Sep 2018 – Shift 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Dear Aspirants,

Railway department is today also conducted the Exam to fill up the 62,907 vacancies for the Railway Group D posts. Our AffairsGuru Team is not leaving any stone to analyse the Railway all shifts. All the aspirants who have still next shift exam, they can get clear idea about the exam pattern and difficult level.

Railway Group D Shift Timing

There are three shifts in which RRB or Railway Group D Exam has been divided. There are some points that should be in mind while giving exams.

  • RRB Group D Exam is Computer Based Test.
  • Exam will be Binlingual (English & Hindi).
  • First Stage CBT round is for selecting candidates for second rounds CBT.
  • Marks of first CBT will not be included in the final merit list.
  • First Stage CBT will be for 90 minutes total only.
  • 1 / 3rd for every Incorrect Answer.
  • Total 100 questions will only be asked.

Shift 1 Timing : 09.00 AM to 10.30 AM

Shift 2 Timing : 12.30 PM to 02.00 PM

Shift 3 Timing : 04.00 PM to 05.30 PM

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 20th September 2018 1st Shift

Below is given the Railway / RRB Group D Exam analysis. Good attempts that need to do for chances of clearing this exam and appearing for second CBT.

Section Level Good Attempts
Mathematics Moderate 14-18
General Intelligence & Reasoning Easy-Moderate 20-24
General Science Easy-Moderate 14-18
General Awareness on Current Affairs Moderate 10-15
Overall Moderate 68-74

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 2018- Maths Question Asked

The level of Railway / RRB Group D Maths was moderate.

Topics No. of Question Level
Mensuration 2 Easy
Algebra & Trignometry 3 Easy- Moderate
Time and Work 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Time and Distance 1-2 Easy
Age Calculation (Average) 2-3 Easy
SI & CI 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Profit and Loss 3-4 Easy
Percentage 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Geometry 1-2 Easy
Miscellaneous 4-5 Easy
Total 14-18 Easy-Moderate

Railway Exam Analysis 2018-  General Intelligence & Reasoning Question Asked

The level of Railway (RRB) General Intelligence & Reasoning was Easy to Moderate. Below are some question asked in Shift 1.

1. Complete this 7 : 344 :: 8 : ? –513

2. If Saturday on 26th January 2018. then What Day will be on 26th January 2019 ? – Sunday

Topics No. of Question Level
Coding and Decoding 3 Easy
Analogy 5 Easy-Moderate
Hidden Figure 1 Easy
Calender 2 Easy
Venn Diagram 2 Easy
Conclusions and Decision Making 2-3 Easy
Directions 1-2 Easy
Alphabetical & Number System 2 Easy
Syllogism 3 Easy-Moderate
Relationship 1 Easy
Image 1 Easy
Total 20-24 Easy

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 2018 – Question Asked in General Awareness (Current Affairs)

Below are some questions asked into the shift 1.

1. Malaria Day is observed on Which Day of Every Year ?- 25th April

2. Governor of Tripura – Kaptan Singh Solanki

3. Capital of hungry – Budapest

4. Charak lives in Levee of – Knishk

5. Who is honored with 1st Gyan Pith Award ? – G. Shankara Kurup in 1965.

6. Headquarters of ASEAN is Located in – Jakarta , Association of Southeast Asia Nation was created on 8th august 1967

7. Pulitjer Award is given in which field-  It is given in Journalism, Newspaper,  Magazines, Literature, and in Musical Composition.

8. ‘Arina’ Word is related to which Sports ? –  Horse Riding

9. Who discovered RDX (Research Department Explosive ) – George Friedrich Henning In 1898.

10. President of ICC(International Cricket Council) – Sashank Manohar

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 2018 – Question Asked in General Science (Shift 1)

Below are some questions that came in the Railway / RRB Group D exam shift 1.

1. Saliva Helps in digest of – starch

2. S.I. Unit of Temperature – Kelvin

3. ……. in Clorophyll – Magnesium.

4. Study of Cancer –  Oncology.

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 20th September 2018 2nd Shift

Section Good attempts Level
General Science 15-18 Moderate
Maths 12-16 Easy
Reasoning 22-24 Easy-Moderate
General Awareness on Current Affairs 12-14 Moderate
Overall 67-71 Moderate

Below are some Questions Asked in Shift 2nd of 20th September 2018

1. Day on 16 February 2000-  Wednesday

2. 1-2 Questions were Based on the Mirror Image & Water Image.

3. Complete this series  4, 16, 36, 64, ? –100

4. Angle on 2:10 and 11: 10

5. 1-2 Questions are related to HCF & Relation.

6. √9801 – 99 

7. HCF of 342, 630 and 532 – 2

8. x of 20% of 60 = 25. Find the value of x =?- 25/12

9. Who is the Prime Minister of Japan – Shinzo Abe

10. Who is the Governor of RBI – Urjit Patel

11. Which state will  host man Hockey World Cup 2018 ? – Odisha, 28 Nov. -16 December 2018.

12. Who has been selected as the Captain of Rajasthan Royala –Ajinkya Rahane

13. Who is known as the Father of Biology ? – Aristotle

14. One Question related to atomic numbers.

15. Name the 4th period element of Periodic Table – Calcium

16. Who is the Brand ambassador of GST (Goods & Service Tax )- Amitabh Bachan, GST (Goods and Service Tax) is Implemented in the Whole India Except Jammu & Kashmir on 1st July 2017.

17. Who is the author of Book ‘ Playing It my Way’ ? – Sachin Tendulkar , This book is based the autobiography of Former Indian cricket Team Player Sachin Tendulkar. It was launched on 1st November 2014 In Mumbai.

Railway Group D Exam Analysis 20th September 2018 3rd Shift

Section Good Attempts Level
General Science 14-17 Easy-Moderate
Maths 12-15 Easy-Moderate
Reasoning Ability 21-24 Easy
General Awareness on Current Affairs 12-15 Moderate
Overall 67-70 Moderate

Below are Some Questions Asked in 3rd Shift of 20th September 2018.

1. Find the Odd Number from the given list. 84, 105, 21, 24 –24 because Except 24 all are divisible by 7.

2. What day will be on 2nd October 2010 – Saturday

3. How much number of Elements in P Block of Periodic Table ? –37

4. Which Harmone is released during Pregnancy  ? – Oxytocin

5. Decibel Unit of………- Sound

6. What will be happened when Jipsem is heated ? – It will make Plaster of Pares(POP).

7. Chemical name of Soyabin – Glayine Max

8. PH Value of Pure Water – 7

9. Which instrument is used to measure the power of lens – Dayopter

10. Quality of Petrolium is measured by which number ? – Octen Number.

11. Insulin Harmone is Produced in Human Body of…..- Agnashy

12. International Women Day is Observed on Which date – 8 March

13. Name the Capital of Marutius – Port Louis 

14. Which state has implemented the ‘ Kanya Van Samridhi Yojana ‘ – Maharashtra

15. Who is the Brand Ambassador of Nokia Company ? – Sahrukh Khan

Railway Group D  Exam Review 20th September 2018 All Shift 1, 2, 3-How was Exam? Share your Feedback

Feedback 2018

RRB or  Railway Group D Exam Shift 1 & Shift 2 and Shift 3rd is over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help you know bits and parts of the exam. Share your Share your RRB Railway Group D Exam Review and know where you stand among thousands of aspirants who appeared for the exam. And if you remember any questions or the type, share it with us.

Your review will be propitious for the other candidates and will help them to build up their own strategies and plans for upcoming exams based on the review shared.

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All the best for your upcoming exam!

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