RRB JE Exam Analysis 29 May 2019 Shift 1, 2, 3 – CBT 1 Paper Review

RRB JE Exam Analysis 29th May 2019 Shift 1, 2, 3 – CBT 1 Paper Review PDF – All Stages

RRB JE exam was started on 22nd May 2019 and conducted in 2 shifts. Many aspirants were appeared on first day exam. Now it is Eighth day of exam on 29th May. In this, you will be able to find the detailed subject wise analysis of the exam. But exam will be in three shifts 23rd May 2019 onward. Total RRB JE Vacancy are 13,487. Exam was easy to moderate.

RRB JE Exam Analysis


RRB JE CBT 1 Exam Timing

Candidates can find the different shifts exam reporting and starting timing below.

Exam Shift Timing

RRB JE Selection Procedure 2019

Below process has been including to select a candidates for RRB JE post.

RRB JE Selection Process

RRB JE Stage 1 Exam Pattern

If you want to check the stage 1 exam pattern, please click on below link.

RRB JE Stage 1 Exam Structure

RRB JE Exam Analysis Mathematics – Stage 1, 2, 3

Aspirants can find the exam analysis for Stage 1, 2 and 3 Maths.

RRB JE Maths Shift 1 Exam Questions

1. If side of square is increased by 20% then area will be effected by how much percent ?

2. Ratio of ages of Richa and Rahul is 3:2, after 4 years their age’s ratio will be 5:3, find their present age ?

3. Two pipe P and Q can fill a tank in 20 and 16 hours , Pipe Q is opened for 1/4 times , after P is opened then tank will be fill in how much times ?

4. Probability related to Coins

5. if ratio of two number if 5:3,LCM is 40, Find their HCF ?

6. If two successive discount are given of 20 and 30%. then find the total discount given on a item ?

7. difference of profit 55 and 10%  of an item is Rs. 30, Find  their cost price ?

RRB JE Maths Shift 2 Exam Questions

1. 3-4 questions was related to probability.

RRB JE Maths Shift 3 Exam Questions

1. P can complete a work in 9 days, Q is 50% more efficient than P, If Q alone complete the same work Number of days taken by Q to complete that work ?-6 days

2. 1-2 related to age

3. perimeter and area of rectangle is given , we have to find diagonal of rectangle ?

4.If  (x+1/x) = 5, Find the value of x3+1/x3= ?

RRB JE Important Maths Questions

Question Distribution Topic wise –

Topics No. of Qs Level
SI/ CI 2 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 1 Easy-Moderate
Trigonometry 3 Easy-Moderate
Profit/Loss 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Time, Speed and Distance 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Misc. 6-7 Easy-Moderate
Time and Work 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Geometry 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Number System (HCF/LCM) 2 Easy
Ratio & Proportion 1 Easy
Simplification 1 Easy
Statistics (Mean) 1 Easy
DI (Tabular)
Total 30 Easy-Moderate

RRB JE Exam Analysis – General Intelligence & Reasoning (Stage 1 &2)

In the General Intelligence & Reasoning section, candidates can score more marks. However, he/she just need the accuracy and speed of the exam.

RRB JE Reasoning Shift 1 Questions

1. If Monday on 16th January 2007, then what day will be on 16th January 2008 ?

2. Complete this series 5,11,19,?,41,87,214

3. W5, U8, S11, Q14 ,?

4. 5,16,66,333,?

5. Car:Tyre::chair: ?

RRB JE Reasoning Shift 2 Questions

Questions will be updated soon.

RRB JE Reasoning Shift 3 Questions

1. Counting of number of square

2. Venn Daigram

Reasoning Exam question distribution according to topics.

Topics No. of Qs Level
Coding-Decoding 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Series 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Misc. 5 Easy-Moderate
Seating Arrangement (Circle & Linear) 2 Moderate
Analogy 3 Moderate
Word Arrangement
Venn Diagram 1 Easy
Blood Relation 1 Easy
Figure 1 Easy
Direction 3 Easy
Mathematical Operations 3 Easy
Odd one out 2 Easy
Total 25 Easy-Moderate

RRB JE Exam Analysis – General Awareness (Stage 1 & 2)

General Awareness is consist of 15 questions. It can be overall easy depends on your knowledge and efforts taken.

1. Who will become CEO of ICC after World Cup 2019 ?- Manu Sahani

2. Equality Rights – 14-18 article of India Constitution

3. Who is current captain of Indian Hockey team ?- Manpreet Singh

4. Minimum age to be president of India ?- 35 years, Article 58 deals with age of president

5. Who is 1st Indian achieved Nobel prize ?- Rabindra Nath Tagore

6. Questions related to BRICS

7. Bangles festival is hosted by which city ?

8. Which state hosted the 48th Film Festival of India ?- Goa

9. Questions related to Gandhi Irvin Pact

10. CM of Arunachal Pradesh – Pema Kandu

11. Dry ice is known as – Co2

12. Devendra Jhanjariya is related to which sports ?

13. Questions related to Jammu & Kashmir

RRB JE GA Shift 2 Questions

1. article 21 is related to which

2. Cricket will be included in Asian Games ?- 2022

3. Prime Minister of India for longest time.

RRB JE GA Shift 3 Questions

1. International Women’s day is celebrated on which day ? – 8th March, It was 1st observed in 1911.

2. Salim known as – Ali-bird of India Goa.

3. Parupalli Kashyap is related to which game ?- Bandminton

4. Dam located on Kaveri River ?

5. Merges of Bank in Bank of Baroda as on 1st april 2019 – Dena and Vijay Bank

6. Who 1st landed on Moon ?- Neel Armstrong

Topics No. of Qs Level
History 1 Easy
Geography 2-3 Easy
Polity 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Static 1 Easy
Current Affairs 4-5 Easy
Total 15 Easy

RRB JE Exam Analysis – General Science (Stage 1 & 2)

General Science has the total 30 questions. Here the question details for shift 1 and 2 are given below.

1. Distance of Concave lens ?- Nagative

2. Atomic number of Aluminium – 13

3. Non- metal are arranged in which group of periodic table ?- 14-16 group

4. Faomula of electric current – I=V/R

6. Full form of LPG – Liquified petroleum Gas

8. Himoglobin

9. SI unit of Pressure – Pascal

10. Questions related to study of fish ?- Icthyology

11. Jaundice effects which part of human body ?-Liver

12. When we mix Magnesium and bromine then reaction will be

13. Back bone is known as

14. Energy of sun

RRB JE GS Shift 2 questions

1. Which metal is thinest ?- Lead

2. Symbol of sulfur – S

3. 2nd element of periodic table – Helium

4. Tindel Effect is related to – Scattering of light

5. Questions related to Himoglobin

6. Disease in eyes

7. Number of electron in 2nd period of periodic table

RRB JE GS Shift 3 questions

1. Brown rice used to fulfill the quantity of which vitamin – B6

2. deficiency of Iodine causes which disease ?- Giotre

3. Questions based on chemical formula

4. Questions related to Carbon.

5. SI Unit Questions

6. Question related to joints disease

7. Questions related to periodic Table

8. What is used mostly in nuclear power plant

9. Questions relate to respiration system of human body

10. Questions related to Baking Soda, Washing Powder.

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