SSC CHSL GK Questions Asked In Previous Year 2017 – Learn It

SSC CHSL GK Questions Asked In Previous Year 2017 – Learn It

Dear Reader, Our AffairsGuru Team hope that these question will build your knowledge.It will help you score more in the exam. Therefore, we’ve compiled the list of most important GK questions in English for your reference.

Q1. The first Indian to win Booker prize is

Ans. Arundhati Roy

Q2. In a streaming flow, ——- at every point in the fluid remains same —-.

Ans. Velocity

Q3. Who was the First Governor General of bengal ?

Ans. Warren Hastings

Q4. Ringworm is a disease caused by _____.

Ans. Fungi

Q5. Who wrote the Panchantra ?

Ans. Vishnu Sharma

Q6. Which bill cannot originate in Rajya Sabha ?

Ans. Money Bill

Q7. How many bits does an IP address contain ?

Ans. 32 bits

Q8. Who is  the inventor of Bacteria ?

Ans. Antonie van Leeuvenhoek

Q9. Which is the closest star to our solar system ?

Ans. Proxima Centauri

Q10. Syntax Errors are determined by——.

Ans. Control Unit

Q11. Where is Ellora caves located ?

Ans. Maharashtra

Q12. What is the maximum number of members of the Rajya Sabha ?

Ans. 250

Q13. _____ is the 2017 Oscar Winner for Best Actor.

Ans. Casey Affleck

Q14. Which state in India has the largest cover area of forest ?

Ans. Madhya pradesh

Q15. Who is the author of ‘ Prithviraj Raso’, a poem describing Prithviraj Chauhan ‘s life ?

Ans. Chand bardai

Q16. What is the name of  Longest National Highway in India ?

Ans. NH44

Q17. In which state of India ‘ Bodo language ‘ is primarily spoken ?

Ans. Assam

Q18. Who is the author of ‘ Million Mutinies Now’ ?

Ans. V S Naipur

Q19. Who won Nobel prize for literature in 2017 ?

Ans. Kazuo Ishiguro

Q20. Which state does not share a common border with Haryana ?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Q21. Who is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India ?

Ans. Arvind Subramanian

Q22. Which city is located on the banks of the river Dravyayat ?

Ans. Jaipur

Q23. What is the direction of torque ?

Ans. Perpendicular to the direction of applied force

Q24. The term ‘ Macro Economics’ was used by____.

Ans. Ragner Frisch

Q25. Who appoints the Finance Commission of India ?

Ans. President of India

Q26. What is Bank rate?

Ans. Rate at which Central bank of a country advances loans to other banks in the country.

Q27. Where is the headquarters of RBI located ?

Ans. Mumbai

Q28. What is the minimum age required to become president of India ?

Ans. 35

Q29. What is the retirement age of Judge of Supreme Court ?

Ans. 65

Q30. Article 356 consists of _____.

Ans. State Emergency

Q31. Article 343 consists of_____.

Ans. Official Language of the Union

Q32. Who is the author of ‘ The Inheritance of Loss’ ?

Ans. Kiran Desai Question

Q33. The Panchayati Raj eas first adopted by which of the following states ?

Ans. Rajasthan

Q34. What is the unit of physical quantity, Magnetic flux ?

Ans. Weber

Q35. Atomic number of which  of the following elements is greater than that of Irons ?

Ans. Cobalt

Q36. A series of instruction written by a programmer accordance to a given set of rules or conversion is called ____.

Ans. Syntax

Q37. Who is the inventor of LCD projector ?

Ans. Gene Dolgoff

Q38. A canon ball is fired. The motion of this ball is an example of ______.

Ans. Projectile Motion

Q39. Who is the Current governor of Mizoram ?

Ans. Nirbhay Sharma

Q40. Manik Sarkar is current Chief Minister of Which Indian State ?

Ans. Tripura

All the best for your upcoming exam!

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