SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam Analysis – Descriptive Paper Review 29th Sep 2019

SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam Analysis – Descriptive Paper Review 29th Sep 2019

Staff Selection Commission has today conducted the descriptive paper for SSC CHSL (12th based). In this post, there has been given the asked essay and topic analysis. Almost 47,606 candidates have qualified for Tier 2 (descriptive exam)

Essay asked in SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper 2019

Topic name is “Increasing Population a menace” or “बढती जनसंख्या एक ख़तरा” in Hindi.

In world, total population is 760 crore in which China has 140 crore, India has 133 crore and America has 32 crore at number 3.

India State Country
Uttar Pradesh (22 crore) Brazil
Maharashtra (12 Crore) Japan
Rajasthan Thailand
Madhya Pradesh Iran
Punjab Malesia
Uttarakhand Putrgal
Karnatak France
Keral Canada

In India, Youth between 10 and 35 age has 56 crore population. In 2018, 1 crore 80 lakh youth were unemployed. India will need 10 crore youths till 2022.Uneducated number is 27 crore.

Crop is planted on 60% land of India and even then also more than 20 crore people sleep without food. The problem of population growth causes many other problems. The food produced every remains insufficient and it becomes expensive. Because of which the prices of other useful items also increase. Unemployment, poverty, pollution, corruption, chaos, illiteracy, beggary and other social and economic crimes are somewhere due to this population increase.

Today India is ranked 7th with 2.4% of the world’s geographical area, whereas in the case of population, it is second in the world with 17.6% of the population.

The main reason of population growth in India is unemployment and illiteracy are reported. It also causes due to child marriage, polygamy marriage, boy’s importance and ignorance about family planning remedies. In addition to, in which society the status of women is subordinate, that society has a high fertility rate.

To control the population growth, it will have to popularize the programs of family planning in the public, the ‘want’ of boy will have to be removed and the public should be educated. The government should reward the couple who produce less offspring. This will encourage people to reduce the child’s origin. The exclusion of more children producers at the administrative and social level can also be an effective solution.

The population growth rate in India, which was 2.3% in 1981, decreased to 1.2 in 2016. From this, we can understand that the measures of control of the population are getting positive results. For a better future, we have to improve our present, only then we will give something to our next generation.

Letter asked in SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper 2019

Letter name is “Write a letter to your younger brother regarding side effects of excessive use of mobile phones” or “अपने छोटे भाई को मोबाइल फ़ोन के ज्यादा इस्तेमाल के गलत परिणामों को लेकर पत्र लिखे” in Hindi.

Society Address

Today Date

Dear Keshav,

Hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit. I am fine here. I have heard from Dad that you are using mobile phones in bulk. Do you know the side effects of this habit. If you use mobiles every time then you will not be able to concentrate in your studies. Do you know this time is the time for hard work. Your syllabus too is very vast. You will fail to complete it by time. You will loose your eyesight gradually because it makes pressure on our eyes. Mobiles should be used in a limit and also it is only given to you when in a emergency Dad or mom could converse with you. I think nothing is more important than this. Stop wasting your time in watching silly movies, playing stupid games. Also you should not be in any social media because once it is becomes a habit it is bit hard to get rid of it. I thing approximately your examinations are to be held after a week or more. Till the exams are not over don’t use mobiles.

Convey my regards to Dad and Mom and love to Anu.

Your loving brother 

Om Parkash

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SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam Pattern

Total time given for completing the Tier 2 exam is 60 minutes.

Topics Word Counts Max Marks
Essay Writing 200-250 100
Letter/ Application Writing 150-200

Mostly the essay come under the current events like given below.

  • Social Issues like Equality, Women Empowerment, Right to Information, Social Evils, Corruption, Terrorism/Kashmir Issue, Poverty, Education .
  • Politics, Schemes & Governance, Revolutions, and Agitations, Political deaths, GST, Appointments, Indo-Pak Relations, Elections, Demonetization, Officeholders.
  • Finance & Economy: Demonetization, RBI Rates, Important Events in the Indian and the global economy, GDP Rates etc.
  • Environmental Concerns: Pollution, Overpopulation, Ecology
  • Sports: Recent victories, tournaments, matches, Wins, retirements
  • Geopolitics: Chinese aggression in the Indian Ocean, Syrian Refugee Crisis, Rohingya refugees, World Leaders.

Application/Letter Writing Important Topics

Staff Selection Commission questions candidates on important current topics. According to the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis for Tier 2, descriptive test questions candidates in the following important topics 

  • Complain letter regarding cleanliness in your locality
  • An application to the editor on the views of Women Empowerment
  • A letter to present views on the outcome of digitization on the youth of today

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