SSC JE Exam Analysis 27 September 2019 Questions Asked All Shift

SSC JE Exam Analysis 27 September 2019 Questions Asked All Shift

SSC is conducting the Computer Based Examination(CBT -1 ) or Paper 1 for the recruitment of Junior Engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc.) across the India for recruitment year 2018-19

Exam Date: The exam is scheduled to be conducted from 23rd,24th,25th,26th and 27th Sep.

In this posts, we are providing the Exam Analysis & Review of SSC JE of every Shift of 27th September 2019 of all Shift  . Candidate who have exam in next shift can see the level of paper & which type of questions is asking the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

SSC JE Exam Shift Timing 

Shift 1 : 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Shift 2 : 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

SSC JE Exam Pattern

Subject No. of Question Marks
General Intelligence 50 50
General Awareness 50 50
General Eng(Civil, Mechanical, Elec. ) 100 100

Note : There is negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer.

SSC JE Exam Analysis 27 September 2019

The level of ssc je exam 27 sep 2019 was of easy to moderate . below are some questions asked in each shift of General Intelligence, General Awareness and General Engineer.

SSC JE Reasoning Ability Intelligence Question Shift 1

  • Matrix -1 Questions
  • 3-4 questions from Liner Sitting Arrangement
  • Odd One Out – 2-3 Questions
  • 1-2 Questions related to Blood relation
  • Number series – 6-8 Questions
  • Syllogism – 2-4 questions
  • 1-2 Questions Mathematics  Operations
  • Mirror Image , Paper Cutting & Picture Embedded – 2-3 questions
  • Venn Diagram – 2 Question
  • Alphabetical Series – 3-4 questions

More Questions will be Updated Soon….

SSC JE General Awareness Question Shift 1

  • Who is the writer of “Davinci Code”?- Dan Brown
  • Where inauguration was held of Gao Srakshan Sanstan Scheme by PM Narendra Modi?
  • Who is the author of book “Midnight Children” ?- Salman Rushdie
  • Viscocity Formula
  • Current Affairs – 8-10question
  • History – 8-10 questions
  • Geography – 4-5 Questions
  • Indian Constitution – 3-4 Questions
  • Science – 3-4 Questions
  • Questions based on Asian Games
  • 1st session of Indian National Congress Party held in………….year?- 1885 in Bombay
  • Currency of Bhutan- Bhutanese Ngultrum
  • Who achieved the Rajiv Gandhi Award 2019 ?Deepa Malik & Bajrang Punia
  • 1st meeting of Constitutional Assembly held in………year ?- 9th December 1946
  • Currency of Myanmar-Burmese kyat
  • BJP Party built in which year ?
  • CEO of Samsung company related to which county ?- South Korea
  • Atomic Number of Helium-2
  • Atomic Number of Germanium –32
  • Full form of LED – Light Emitting Diode
  • Oxegen is diamagnetic or paramagnetic?- Paramagnetic

SSC JE General Awareness Questions 2nd Shift 

  • Who was 1st Vice President of India ?-Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan\
  • Novak Djokovic belonged to which country ?-Serbia
  • What is the use of piezometer ?It is used to measure the pressure of a liquid or gas.
  • Name the Indian Tennis player who played with Roger Federer ?Sumit Nagal belong to Jhajjar district of haryana State
  • Salt Satyagraha in South India led by ?

SSC JE Technical Questions Shift 1

  • Defection in Cantilever beam ?- Cantilever beam is a beam of which one end fixed and other end is free
  • Which boiler uses external furnance ?
  • Relation of cop of pump and refrigerator
  • Pelton is ………..type of turbine ?-Impulse Turbine invented by Lester Allen Pelton in the 1870 year.
  • Questions based on Kinematic Viscosity -Kinematic viscosity is a measure of fluid internal resistance to flow under gravitational force
  • Number of pumps used in electrolux refrigerator ?- No pump is used in electrolux refrigerator
  • Which cooling system used in Heavy Truck ?
  • Dimension for viscosity
  • Which boiler have highest capacity of steam
  • Questions Based on Turbine
  • Ratio of Indicated thermal power to Air Standard Efficiency ?
  • Pressure Range of supercritical Bolier ?
  • Questions base on clinometer ?- clinometer is used to measure the slope angles of an embankment 
  • Questions based on Morse Test

 More Question will be updated Soon..

SSC JE Exam  Technical Shift 2 Question 

  • Dotanation tendency
  • Vapour Compression Cycle
  • Carnot cycle is also known as – Carnot Heat Engine
  • Formula for sudden pipe change
  • Questions based on Rankine Cycle
  • Questions related to Boiler accessories
  • Single tube boiler is…… one that has exactly one fire tube
  • Compression Ratio
  • Centraflaxture Point
  • 2-3 question based on type of boiler
  • 8-12 Questions based on Turbine.
  • Vapour absorption Cycle
  • Formula for turbine efficiency ?
  • Which of the following are non-colloidal liquids ?A. Newtonian Fluid, B. Plastic Fluid, C. Ideal Fluid, D. dilatant Fluid
  • What happened when we add phosphorus in material ?

SSC JE Admit Card 

Candidate can download the admit card of SSC JE by clicking on the below Link

Admit Card SSC JE

SSC JE Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Candidate can see the Exam syllabus and Pattern of SSC Je Exam  by visiting the following Link.

SSC JE Exam Syllabus

SSC JE Exam Analysis & Review 26 Sep 2019

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