Adjective Definition And Its Types With Examples PDF

Adjective Definition And Its Types With Examples PDF

Adjective Definition And Its Types With Examples PDF


An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun. For Example,

  • Ram is a good boy.
  • He is intelligent.

In the above sentences, ‘good’ and ‘intelligent’ qualify ‘Ram’ and tell us the qualities of ‘he’. Adjectives come before a noun and after a verb.

Types of Adjectives

There are eight types of Adjectives.

1. Adjective of quality

Adjectives that show the kind or quality of a person or thing. E.g. 

An honest man.

Adjective of quality is used in two ways.

(a) Attributive use – When an adjective is used before noun, it is said to be used attributively.

E.g. : Solomon was a wise king.

Here wise is used before a noun (king) so it is attributive.

(b) Predicative use – When an adjective is used after verb, it is said to be used predicatively.

E.g. : The weather is pleasant.

2. Proper Adjective

An adjective which is formed from proper nouns is called as proper adjective.

E.g.: Buddhist monastery, British rule.

Here ‘Buddhist‘ and ‘British‘ are proper adjectives.

3. Adjective of quantity

An adjective that shows how much of a thing is meant. For Example, some milk, enough oil, sufficient sugar, no manners.

Here some, enough, sufficient and no are adjective of quantity.

4. Adjective of number

An adjective that shows how many persons or things are meant or in what order a person or thing stands.

It is of two types:

(i) Definite

Definite denotes an exact number. E.g. : Five boys, fifth row.

(ii) Indefinite

Indefinite does not denote an exact number. E.g. : Few girls, several boys.

Cardinal Adjective – Definite numbers like one, two, three, four are Cardinal adjectives.

E.g. : The first chapter of this book is on verb.

Note : 1. Article ‘the’ is used before Ordinal and not before Cardinal.

E.g. : Lesson one is on verbs.

The first chapter of this book is on verbs.

2. When both Ordinal and Cardinal adjectives come together in a sentence, they are in the order ‘OC’. This means first ‘Ordinal’ and then ‘Cardinal’.

E.g. : We will revise the lessons in the last two classes.

5. Demonstrative Adjective

The adjective that points out which person or thing is meant is known as the demonstrative adjective.

E.g.: This boy, that group, these people, those countries.

Note : If this, that, these or those are immediately followed by a noun, these words are called demonstrative adjectives and if these words are immediately followed by a verb, these words are known as demonstrative pronouns.

Demonstrative Adjective Demonstrative Pronoun
This girl is good. This is a good girl.
That pen is new. That is a new pen.
These shirts are white. These are white shirts.

6. Distributive Adjective

The Adjective which refers to each one of the number is known as distributive adjective.

E.g. : Each candidate is honest.

Every boy is present today.

Note : If each, every, either or neither is immediately followed by noun, it is known as Distributive Adjective and if each, every, either or neither is followed by some other word. It is known as Distributive Pronoun.

Distributive Adjective Distributive Pronoun
Each boy took the test. Each of the boys took the test.

7. Interrogative Adjective

What, which and whose are interrogative adjectives when they are used with a noun.
E.g. : Which room is hers?

Whose book is this?

Note : If ‘what’, ‘which’, ‘whose’ is followed by a noun, these words are interrogative adjectives and if it is followed by a verb, it is known as interrogative pronoun.

Interrogative Adjective Interrogative Pronoun
What colour is your bag? What did you do?

8. Possessive Adjectives

Adjectives that shows possession is called possessive Adjective.

E.g. : My book, our class

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