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India history is usually asked in the exams. Many student feels difficult in remembering the question and answers of history of India. In this article, we have given some questions and answers of Sultanate period. You will also find the PDF of all questions.

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  1. Mohammad Gauri left to which trusted general  for taking care of the victorious territories? -> Qutubuddin Aibak
  2. Who was the ruler of Devagiri at the time of Alauddin’s invasion? -> Ramchandra Dev
  3. Which ruler built a two-and-a-half-day mosque named Jhopra? -> Qutubuddin Aibak
  4. Which Sultan was considered the ‘Nayab of the Khalifa‘ on the coins? -> Firoz Shah-Tughlaq
  5. Who was the highest rural officer of land revenue in the Sultanate period? -> Malik
  6. When did Timur Lank invade India? -> 1398 AD
  7. Which ruler is called Second Alexander or Alexander Sani? -> Alauddin Khilji
  8. Which Sultan had the most slaves in the court? -> Balban
  9. Why were the rulers of the slave dynasty unable to expand their empire despite favorable conditions? -> Due to fear of Mongol invasion
  10. Who has completed ‘Qutub Minar’? -> Iltutmish
  11. Which ruler declared himself the ‘Khalifa‘? -> Mubarakshah Khilji
  12. Ibnabtoota came to India under whose rule? -> Mohammad bin Tughluq
  13. Whose daughter was Razia Sultan? -> Iltutmish
  14. During whose reign, the maximum number of Magol incursions occurred? -> Alauddin Khilji
  15. Who drove the sign currency? -> Mohammad bin Tughluq
  16. Which Sultan was called by historians a mixture of protests? -> Mohammad bin Tughluq
  17. Where did the foreign traveler Ibnabtoota come from? -> from Morocco
  18. Which Sultan of Delhi tried to defeat Southern India? -> Alauddin Khilji
  19. Who was the first woman ruler to sit on the throne of Delhi? -> Razia Sultan
  20. Who was the last ruler of Lodi dynasty? -> Ibrahim Lodi
  21. Who was given the ‘reward‘ land? -> To a scholar and religious person
  22. Where is ‘Qutub Minar‘ located? -> Delhi
  23. Who had started ‘Qutub Minar‘? -> Qutubuddin Aibak
  24. Who built the city of agra? -> Alexander Lodi
  25. Which Sultan died while playing ‘Chaugan‘? -> Qutubuddin Aibak
  26. Who built the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque? -> Qutubuddin Aibak
  27. What was the court language of Delhi Sultanate? -> Persian
  28. Who established the slave dynasty in India? -> In 1206 AD, Qutbuddin Aibak
  29. Against whom was the last invasion of mohammad gauri? -> Punjab’s Khokhar
  30. Who laid the foundation of Muslim rule in India? -> Mohammad gauri
  31. Who is the creator of ‘qawwali’ style of music? -> Amir Khusro
  32. Who is the creator of ‘Hindustani’ style of music? -> Amir Khusro
  33. Who composed the ‘Tughlaqnama‘? -> Amir Khusro
  34. Which ruler had taken his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? -> Mohammad bin Tughluq
  35. Which musical instrument is considered the best instrument of Hindu-Muslim anthem? -> Sitar
  36. Amir Khusro played a leading role in the development of which language? -> Ancient form of Hindi language
  37. Which ruler believed more in dan-dakshina and established a department called ‘Divan-e-Khairat‘? -> Ferozeshah Tughlaq
  38. Which ruler is called ‘wise mad’ ruler in the history of India? -> Mohammad bin Tughluq
  39. Which Sultan employed the unemployed? -> Ferozeshah Tughlaq
  40. Polo game was launched in India in whose time? -> During the Turkish
  41. Which ruler of Delhi Sultan formed a permanent army? -> Alauddin Khilji
  42. Who murdered Jalaluddin Firoz Khilji? -> Alauddin Khilji
  43. Whose main door is the Alai door? -> Qutub Minar
  44. Which ruler used to write poems under the surname ‘Gulukhi‘? -> Alexander Lodi
  45. What was Alberuni’s full name? -> Aburahan muhammad
  46. The market / price control system was introduced in Indian history by? -> Alauddin Khilji
  47. Who is called the ‘mirror of 11th century India’? -> Kitab ul-Hind
  48. When and who founded the Khilji dynasty? -> On 13 June 1290, Jalaluddin Firoz Khilji

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