List of Finance Commissions of India Download PDF

List of Finance Commissions of India Download PDF

The Finance Commission is a constitutional body which is  established under the Article 280 of Indian Constitution. The first finance commission was formed on 22 November, 1951. The headquarter of Finance commission is in New Delhi.

  • The Finance Commission consists of a chairman and four other member. Qualification is recommended by the Parliament of Chairmen and other four members.
  • The chairman is selected among person who had experience in public affairs.
  • While other members are selected  among person, who  have been or are  qualified to be appointed judges of the High Court,  or Should have special knowledge of finance and accounts of government. A person who has wide experience in financial matters, A person who has special knowledge of Economics
  • Finance commission is appointed by the president of India for every five years.
  • Recently, N. K. Singh is appointed as the chairman of 15th Finance Commission from 2020-25.

Functions of the Finance Commission

  • To recommend to the president the basis for Distribution of taxes to be shared between the Centre and the states Government.
  • To recommend the principle which should govern the grants -in – aid to be given to states out of consolidated founds of India.
  • To give advice to the president of India on any other matters referred to the commission in interest of the sound finance.
Finance Commission Established Year Chairman Implemented Year
1st 1951 K.C. Nayogi 1952-57
2nd 1956 K. Santhnam 1957-62
3rd 1960 A.K. Chanda 1962-66
4th 1964 Dr. P.V. Rajamannar 1966-69
5th 1968 Mahavir Tyagi 1969-74
6th 1972 Brahmanand Reddy 1974-79
7th 1977 J.M. Schelet 1979-84
8th 1982 Y.B. Chavan 1984-89
9th 1987 N.K.P. Salve 1989-95
10th 1992 K.C. Pant 1995-2000
11th 1998 A. M. Khusra 2000-05
12th 2002 Rangarajan 2005-10
13th 2007 Vijay L. Khelkar 2010-15
14th 2013 Y.V. Reddy 2015-20

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