RRB NTPC Exam Analysis from 16th to 30th Jan 2021 (Phase 2)

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 16th to 30th Jan 2021 (Phase 2) Detailed Review

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is conducting the exam of RRB NTPC 2020 – Non Technical Popular Categories Posts. Our AffairsGuru Team is not leaving any stone to analyze all shifts. Almost 23 Lakh candidates are appearing in the first phase of the exam (28th Dec 2020 to 13th Jan 2021). Around 27 Lakhs candidates for Phase 2 (from 16th January to 30th January 2021).

RRB NTPC Phase 1st Exam Analysis 2020-21 Shift Timing

1st Shift – 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

2nd Shift –03:00 PM to 4:30 PM

RRB NTPC Exam Pattern 2020-21 

Below is given the RRB NTPC Exam good attempts. The paper consists of one objective type paper containing 200 question Carrying 200 marks. Good attempts that need to do for chances of clearing this exam.

Subject No. of question Level Good Attempts
Mathematics 30 Easy-Moderate 24-26
General Awareness 40 Easy-Moderate 33-33
General Intelligence & Reasoning 30 Easy 26-27
Total 100 Easy-Moderate 74-82

RRB NTPC Phase 1 Exam Analysis 2021 – Question Asked in Mathematics 

The level of Mathematics was of Easy-Moderate Level. Below are some question asked in Shift.

16th January 2021

  • If a² + b² = 8 and ab = 4 then find the value of a + 1/a
  • A man of height 1.5 m sees a minaret 28.5 m away from him and the top of minaret makes 45 degree of elevation angle with his eyes. Find the total height of the minaret.
  • A principal sum of Rs.18,000 was lent at 4% interest rate for 1 year. Find the compound interest accumulated when compounded half-yearly.
  • On selling 20 articles for Rs.20,000, the seller earned a profit equal to the cost price of 5 articles. Find the cost price of one article.

17th Jan 2021 shift 1

  • LCM and HCF
  • Profit and Loss -> Principle = 15000, CI – SI = 54,Rate=?
  • Geometry -> 4 questions
  • DI -> Bar Graph (5 questions)
  • Trigonometry -> 1 question If Tan∅ = 8/15, find sin∅ + cos∅?
  • If two trains are moving at different speed, at what time will they meet?
  • Average – 1 question
  • Mensuration – 3 question

18th January 2021

  • Pie Chart DI – 4 questions

19th January 2021 shift 1 & 2

  • If √15 = 3.87, then √3/√5 = ?
  • If the investments of A & B in a business is 1.5 lakhs and 1 lakh respectively and the profit is Rs 24000, then find the share of A & B in the profit.
  • 8 litre of milk is withdrawn from 80 litre milk and replaced by water, this process is done twice. Find the ratio of milk and water in the final mixture.
  • A man covers a half distance at 10 km/hr and half at 20 km/hr. If the total time taken by him is 10 hours then find the total distance?
  • A can do a certain work in 40 hours and A+B together can complete the work in 30 hours. In how much time will B alone complete the work?

20th January Shift 2

  • Train length is – 600 meters, platform length is 200 metres. If train speed is 72km/hr then what time it will
    cross the platform
  • Three pipes A, B, C were given if A fills the tank in 6 hours, B fills the tank in 5 hours, and C in 30 hours, then
    in how much time all three pipes will fill the tank
  • Sin 3Theta = Cos(Theta-6)

22nd January 2021 Shift 2

  • If today is Friday then after 62 days which day will come?
  • If a radio is sold at Rs 990 with a profit of 10 %, if the same radio is sold at Rs 890 then profit percent or
    loss percent will be?
  • If there are 70% girls in a school, whereas boys are 510 then find the total no of students?

23rd January 2021 Shift 1

  • If x + y = 75 and x2 – y2 = 300, then x – y = ?
  • If the loss percentage on Rs.52500 is 25% then what is the loss amount in rupees.
  • If sinA = ⅗ , then find the value of (cosA + tanA)/3cotA
  • If cosA + secA = 2 then cos6A + sec6A = ?
  • A and B can do a work together in 12 days. If A takes 24 days to finish the work alone, then in how many days can B do the work individually?
Topics No. of Questions Level
SI & CI 2 Easy-Moderate
Profit & Loss 3 Easy-Moderate
Average 1 Moderate
Height & Distance 2 Easy-Moderate
Time & Work 2 Easy
Ratio & Proportion 3 Easy
Number System 4 Easy-Moderate
Time & Distance 2 Moderate
Mensuration 2 Easy-Moderate
Statistics 1 Easy
Simplification 3 Easy
DI 3 Easy-Moderate
Total 30 Easy-Moderate

RRB NTPCS Analysis 2021-  General Intelligence & Reasoning Question Asked

The level of General Intelligence was of Easy Level. Below are some questions asked in shifts.

  • One question asked from Missing term.
  • Order and Ranking comparison
  • Puzzle Headquarter
  •  Series -> 5 Questions
  • Coding Decoding
  • Analytical Reasoning -1 questions
  • Analogy -> 3 questions

22nd January 2021 Shift 2


Topics No. of Question Level
Analogy 3 Easy
Blood Relation 2 Easy
Mathematical Operations 4 Easy-Moderate
Codding -Decoding 4 Easy-Moderate
Syllogism 3 Easy
Venn Diagram 3 Easy
Sentence arrangement 1 Easy
Puzzle 3 Easy
Statement & Assumptions 2 Moderate
Statement & Conclusions 2 Easy-Moderate
Odd one out 3 Moderate
Total 38-40 Easy

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2021 – Question Asked in General Awareness (Current Affairs)

The level of Mathematics was of Moderate Level. Below are some question asked in Shift.

16th January 2021 GA –

  • Who was Prime Minister of India in 1977? -> Indira Gandhi (24 January 1966 to 24 March 1977) & Moraji Desai (24 March 1977 to 28 July 1979).
  • Chandrayaan 1 Launch date? -> October 22, 2008 from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota
  • When did Mahatma Gandhi came back to India from South Africa? -> After over 21 years stay in South Africa, Gandhi returned to India on January 9, 1915 with his wife Kasturba.
  • Formation of Maharashtra and Gujarat? -> 1 May 1960
  • Who discovered Electron? -> J.J. Thomson
  • Father of Green Revolution In India? -> M.S. Swaminathan
  • The rank of India in Ease of doing business ranking 2020? -> 63rd out of 190
  • Who gave “Inquilab Zindabad ” slogan? -> Maulana Hasrat Mohani in 1921
  • International Court of Justice Headquarters? -> It was established in June 1945 by the Charter of the United Nations and began work in April 1946. The seat of the Court is at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands). Of the six principal organs of the United Nations, it is the only one not located in New York (United States of America).
  • Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’? ->  a slogan of the second Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1965 at a public gathering at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi.

  • United Nation Day -> 24 October
  • Cause of Malaria? -> caused by Plasmodium parasites

16th Jan 2021 Shift 2nd

  • Clay dam in India? -> Vazhani Dam
  • NASA and several partners announced that they have renamed a key ocean observation satellite on which scientist’s name? -> Earth scientist Michael Freilich
  • Keoladeo National Park is located at? – Rajasthan
  • When was radio started in India? -> June 1923
  • In 1915, Gandhi ji come to India in which state? -> Sabarmati
  • Who got the Nobel prize for Electron in 2006? ->
  • Who discovered Electron? -> J.J. Thomson
  • Who is known by the name “The Hunter”?
  • By which process cell repair in our body?
  • Who discovered the sparkling of lights? -> by a New Jersey cattle rancher named Henry Ruschmann

17th Jan 2021 Shift 1

  • Longest National highway – NH -44 It is the longest national highway in India with a length of 3,745 kilometres running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the South. This highway connects 11 states and about 30 important cities with each other.
  •  which wildlife heritage sites was added to UNESCO 2011?
  • First Women Speaker of Loksabha? -> Meira Kumar
  • Motiyo ka shahar(city) kise kahte hai? -> Hyderabad
  • Article – 72 -> Under which article President can give mercy to a prisoner?
  • International Organization that works in the Health Sector?
  • Which Swedish Player won continuous 5 US open grand slam?
  • 46th Chief Justice of India? -> Ranjan Gogoi
  • Which has headquarter in Kolkata?
  • International University?
  • Giffin Goods
  • Voltmeter is used to measure? -> Voltmeter
  • Current is measure through? – Ammeter
  • Headquarter of UNO? -> New York, USA
  • Start-Up India is started by which Ministry? -> Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade)
  • Who has discovered Sindhu Ghati? -> Sir John Hubert Marshall
  • Chandrayaan 2 was launched from where? -> Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
  • Who founded Mohenjo Daro? -> in 1922 by R. D. Banerji
  • What is called to PSLV Mark III? ->also referred to as the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3), is a three-stage medium-lift launch vehicle developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

18th Jan 2021

  • Kuna Currency belong to? -> kureshiya
  • Full form of DISHA? -> District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee
  • 1916 INC President? -> Ambica Charan Mazumdar
  • Earth Summit? -> Rio de Janeiro from 3 to 14 June in 1992
  • Software?
  • Who has given slogan ‘Do or Die’?
  • International Organisation?
  • ‘Play it my way’ -> Sachin Tendulkar
  • Longest railway line in India?
  • नागालैंड से महोत्सव? harnvil
  • बेटी पढ़ाओ बेटी बचाओ किससे सम्बन्धित है? -> बालिका शिशु की देखभाल बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ की शुरूआत प्रधान मंत्री ने 22 जनवरी 2015 को पानीपत, हरियाणा में की थी। बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ योजना से पूरे जीवन-काल में शिशु लिंग अनुपात में कमी को रोकने में मदद मिलती है और महिलाओं के सशक्तीकरण से जुड़े मुद्दों का समाधान होता है।
  • Who launched recently Airforce Satellite?
  • सांप्रदायिक निर्वाचन क्षेत्रों की शुरुआत भारत में किसके द्वारा हुई? -> 16 अगस्त 1932 को ब्रिटिश प्रधानमंत्री रामसे मैकडोनाल्ड द्वारा भारत में उच्च वर्ग, निम्न वर्ग, मुस्लिम, बौद्ध, सिख, भारतीय ईसाई, एंग्लो-इंडियन, पारसी और अछूत (दलित) आदि के लिए अलग-अलग चुनावक्षेत्र के लिए ये निर्णय दिया, जिसे सांप्रदायिक अधिनिर्णय कहते हैं।
  • bhukamp ka sarwadhik parbhav kaha pr hota hai ? -> Japan
  • Champaran andolan kab chalaya tha->बिहार के चंपारण जिले में महात्मा गांधी की अगुवाई में 1917 का चंपारण आंदोलन भारत का पहला नागरिक अवज्ञा आंदोलन था। इस आंदोलन के जरिये महात्मा गांधी ने लोगों के विरोध को सत्याग्रह के माध्यम से लागू करने का पहला प्रयास किया जो ब्रिटिश हुकूमत के खिलाफ आम जनता के अहिंसक प्रतिरोध पर आधारित था
  • Who built Delhi red fort?—shahajan
  • अकबर की दूसरी राजधानी कौन सी थी -> फतेहपुर 
  • The test of my life book author?-> Yuvraj Singh
  • What we say nikat drishti dosh? -> Myopia
  • नाभि रज्जू कोन सा उत्तक है ? – Blue
  • ट्विटर किसने सस्थापित किया था?
  • केल्विन स्केल में मानव शरीर का सामान्य तापमान कितना होता है? -> Ans 310…
    (A) 290 K (B) 310 K
    (C) 300 K (D) 305 K
  • Alberuni came in India during whose period? -> Mahumad Gaznavi
  • Who coined the word geography? -Eratosthenese
  • Sequence of Digestive System? -> mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus.

19th January 2021 Shift 1 & 2

  • Which gas causes acid rain? -> Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air. These substances can rise very high into the atmosphere, where they mix and react with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form more acidic pollutants, known as acid rain.
  • Shortcut key for copy and paste -> Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
  • Name of Chandra Gupta Daughter? -> Helena
  • Question on Jalian Wala Bagh was asked
  • Question on the pituitary gland was asked
  • Padma Bhushan Award 2020 goes to?
  • Question on Chandrayan was asked
  • Who discovered neutron? -> James Chadwick
    Book ‘ Era of darkness is written by? -> Shashi Tharoor
    P.M of Sri Lanka is? -> Mahinda Rajapaksa
    How much G.S.T is taxed on the lottery ticket by the Govt? -> At present, lotteries run by state governments attract 12% GST while those authorised by them and sold outside the state are taxed at 28%.
  • Who was India’s Prime Minister in 1977-79? -> Morarji Desai
  • Keoladeo bird Sanctuary is located at? [repeated question] -> Bharatpur, Rajasthan
  • Victoria Falls is on which river? -> Zambezi River
  • Which gland secretes Growth hormone? -> pituitary gland
  • How many terabytes are there in one Petabyte? -> 1,024 TB
  • Which of the following policy as introduced by Lord Dalhousie? -> policy of annexation was the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’.
  • After Jalliyawala Bagh Masscare which commission was formed by british government? -> Hunter Commission
  • Supreme Court issues writs according to which article? -> Article 32
  • Ebay bill is related to? -> a statement of your selling activity on eBay for a one – month period. This is the amount of selling fees that you need to pay eBay by the due date mentioned in the invoice.
  • When did Gandhi ji came from Africa? -> April 1893

20th January 2020 Shift 1

  • Who Designed Gateway of India? -> George Wittet
  • First women President of INC? -> Sonia Gandhi 
  • Origin of Gulf Stream -> The Gulf Stream is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic Ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Author of India Divided? -> Dr Rajendra Prasad
  • The inventor of C language -> Dennis M. Ritchie
  • What is the super network -> A supernetwork, or supernet, is an Internet Protocol network that is formed by combination of multiple networks into a larger network.
  • After independence who was the speaker of constituent assembly-> Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar (27 November 1888 – 27 February 1956) popularly known as Dadasaheb was an independence activist, the President (from 1946 to 1947) of the Central Legislative Assembly, then Speaker of the Constituent Assembly of India, and later the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
  • First CEO Of niti ayog till 20th Oct -> Sindhushree Khullar
  • Who is IPL 2020 Orange cap? -> David Warner
  • Fundamental duties are added through which constitutional amendment? -> 42nd Amendment in 1976, upon the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee that was constituted by the Government.
  • Who invented the computer? -> Charles Babbage
  • Name of Newspaper Launched by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa? -> Written just before his departure for India, the letter was published in the South African newspaper, Indian Opinion, founded by Gandhi in 1903.
  • Taklamakan Desert? -> is a desert in Southwest Xinjiang in Northwest China. It is bounded by the Kunlun Mountains to the south, the Pamir Mountains and Tian Shan (ancient Mount Imeon) to the west and north and the Gobi Desert to the east.
  • President of Srilanka? -> Gotabaya Rajapaksha
  • In 1921, Albert Einstein got a noble prize in which field? -> Physics 
  • What connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean? -> Panama Canal
  • Rice Anusandhan kendra is located at? -> मनीला (फिलीपीन्स)
  • What is the scientific name of Wheat? -> Triticum
  • Ujjwala yojana is related to -> a scheme of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas for providing LPG connections to women from Below Poverty Line (BPL) households.

20th January 2021 Shift 2

  • In which university Gandhiji’s First Lecture was held? -> Banaras Hindu University
  • In 1984 which monument was designed by Ahmad Lahori was recently enlisted in World’s Heritage Site.-> Ustad-Ahmad Lahori was the main architect of the Taj Mahal.
  • UNEP office in India is located in?
  • Language of Lakshwadeep is? -> Malayalam
  • Questions on CAO was asked
  • The biggest producer of tobacco is? -> China
  • Which train runs between India and Pakistan? -> Samjhauta Express
  • First Railway Minister after the Independence of India? -> John Mathai

21st January 2021 Shift 1

  • Abolishment of Title Article?-> 18
  • First 5 Year Plan Dates? -> on 9 July 1951, India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru presented the First Five-Year Plan to the Parliament.
  • 2nd Highest Peak Of Himalaya? -> K2
  • Panchayati Raj First Started in Which state? -> Rajasthan 
  • Which of the following states does not share a boundary with Nepal? -> Assam
  • 3rd Anglo Mysore War? -> Third AngloMysore War (1790–1792) was a conflict in South India between the Kingdom of Mysore and the East India Company, Kingdom of Travancore, Maratha Empire, and the Nizam of Hyderabad.
  • Red Data Book is for? -> Red Data Book is the state document established for documenting rare and endangered species of animals, plants and fungi as well as some local sub-species that exist within the territory of the state or country.
  • Which of the following is an operating system?
  • 2024 Summer Olympics Country Host? -> Paris 2024 Summer Olympics – Summer Olympic Games in France.
  • 1st UN Secretary-General? -> Trygve Lie
  • The largest gland of the human body? -> liver
  • Which of the following was not an RBI Governor?
  • National Pollution Day? -> December 2
  • Rabindra Nath Tagore got a noble prize for? -> Literature
  • Which of the following is present in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?

21st January 2021 Shift 2

  • Teejan Bai is associated with which state? -> Chhattisgarh
  • Which Indian cricket made a triple century after Sehwag? -> Karun Nair
  • IMF head is? -> Kristalina Georgieva
  • Hard Disk’s inventor is? -> Jacob Rabinow
  • Vijaywada is situated at which river -> Krishna river
  • Kerala’s Governor is? -> Arif Mohammad Khan
  • Arrange a state with the highest population density?
  • Question on Lord William Bentick was asked
  • 66th Filmfare awards for best actor goes to? -> Yash (KGF)
  • Decent of God is written by? -> G L Fuentes
  • Khelo India Youth Games 2020 was held in which city? -> GuwahatiAssam
  • In Photosynthesis solar energy is converted into? -> ATP and NADPH required for carbon dioxide fixation
  • Article 370 is associated with? -> acknowledges the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of autonomy and its ability to formulate laws for the state’s permanent residents.
  • Appointment of Governor is according to which article? -> Article 155
  • DDL full form? -> Data Definition Language
  • Bharat Choro Slogan was given by? -> Mahatma Gandhi
  • Al-Hilal Newspaper is published by? -> Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

22nd January 2021 Shift 1

  • Which country is not a permanent member of the UN security council? -> India
  • Adi Granth is the holy book of which people? -> Sikhism
  • What muscles are attached to the hip joint? -> The iliopsoas muscle is a powerful hip flexor that runs across the top of the hip joint and works to pull the knee up and off the ground. It’s made up of two muscles: the psoas and iliacus. These muscles run from the lower spine and pelvis, join together, then attach by a tendon to the upper thigh.
  • Which monument made in remembrance of soldiers fought in the first world war? -> India Gate was constructed by the British government in the memory of 84,000 Indian soldiers killed fighting for the empire in the World War-I and Afgan war. The Amar Jawan Jyoti, on the other hand, was built to honour 3,843 Indian soldiers, who died in the 1971 war that led to the creation of Bangladesh.
  • Visva-Bharati University was established by whom? -> first non-European Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Thākur(popularly known as Tagore) in 1921, Visva-Bharati was declared to be a central university and an institution of national importance by an Act of Parliament in 1951.
  • Question related to Digital India
  • Who invented HTML language? -> Tim Berners-Lee in 1993

22nd January 2021 Shift 2

  • The previous name of Ayush Yojna? -> Department of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM & H)
  • Question on Kalazar disease was asked
  • Which hormone is found in animals?
  • When was the great Himalayan National park was enlisted in the list of a national park? -> 1984
  • Railway women helpline number is? -> 1091
  • Pongal’s festival fourth day is known as? -> Kaanum or Kanu Pongal
  • 107th Indian Science Congress theme was? -> Science and Technology for Rural Development
  • Mahabalipuram’s temple was constructed by which rulers?-> Pallava king Narsimha in the 7th and 8th centuries.
  • Who received the Global Child Producer award? -> A 13-year-old Dubai-based Indian girl Sucheta Satish has won the 100 Global Child Prodigy Award in Delhi. She was awarded for singing in most languages during one concert and the longest live singing concert by a child.
  • In which city Mahakumbh Mela is held near the Shipra river? -> Ujjain Simhastha is a Hindu religious mela held every 12 years in the Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Nobel prize for Ulcer goes to? -> Marshall and Robin Warren
  • Which Indian receives Oscar awards two times? -> AR Rahman

23rd January 2021 Shift 1

  • Which is the second-largest petroleum exporting country in 2019? -> Russia
  • Which of the following queen of Ahmednagar fought against Badshah Akbar? -> Chand bibi fought against Akbar’s forces in 1595.
  • FIFA world cup 2022, location? -> Qatar
  • Phag is the dance of which state? -> Haryana
  • Nibble in a computer is equal to bits – 4 bits
  • Full form of CSIR? -> Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • ISRO’s Founder? -> Vikram Sarabhai
  • Old name of SBI? -> Imperial Bank of India
  • Who establishes the relation between User and Hardware? -> Operating System
  • Ahmednagar Queen who fought against Akbar? -> Chand Bibi
  • Congress first rural session place? -> Faizpur in 19
  • Rock Salt chemical name? -> NaCl
  • Tatya Tope is related to which revolution? -> 1857 revolution
  • Black Pagoda is found where? -> Orissa( Konark Sun Temple)
  • India’s first supercomputer? -> Param

25th January 2021 Shift 1

  • Sanchi Stupa is at? -> on a hilltop at Sanchi Town in Raisen District of the State of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is located in 46 kilometres (29 mi) north-east of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh.
  • 24th Tirthankara? ->  Mahavira Swami Ji (599 BC–527 BC).
  • Question Related to Khilafat Movement?
  • Which of the following is a volatile memory? -> RAM
  • Depth of Ocean is measured by? -> Fathometer
  • Bharat Ratan 2019 is given to? -> 1) Nanaji Deshmukh 2) Bhupen Hazarika 3) Pranab Mukherjee
  • Kolleru Lake is at?-> Andhra Pradesh
  • Which article deals with impeachment of president? -> Article 61
  • Babies get nutrition from? -> breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies during the first 6 months
  • How do babies get their food in the womb? -> Umbilical cord
  • Who threw the bomb in the Legislative Assembly in April 1929? -> Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt
  • Earthquake is measured with an instrument called ______. -> seismograph
  • International Labor organization headquarter? -> Geneva, Switzerland
  • Who can become the chairman of  National Human Rights Commission? -> Retired Chief Justice of India
  • Wular Lake? -> It is sited in Bandipora district in Jammu and Kashmir, India.
  • Who became king after Chandragupta 1 ? -> Samudragupta
  • What does IMD mean? -> India Meteorological Department
  • Who got the 2019 Man Booker prize?-> Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo Win the 2019 Booker Prize.
  • Which instrument is used to measure Air velocity? -> Anemometer

25th January 2021 Shift 2

  • Moatsu Mong festival is associated with which state? -> Nagaland
  • Maand folk song is associated with which state? -> Rajasthan
  • World environment day 2020 theme was? -> Time for Nature
  • Parts of the CPU was asked
  • Question on Namak Satyagrah was asked
  • Question on Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan was asked
  • Question on Mughal Empire was asked
  • Question-related to the battle of Buxer was asked
  • Question on black soil was asked.
  • Question on vector scale was asked

Practice Questions

  • 2020 Badminton Asia Team Championships Location? -> Manila, Philippines.
  • Who won the best actress oscar 2020? -> Renee Zellweger for “Judy”.
  • Highest production of mica is found in which state? -> Rajasthan
  • Highest production of wheat is seen in which country? -> China
  • UNFCCC COP 21 was held in which country? -> Paris (France), Paris climate change conference
  • What is formed when CaO is mixed with H2O? -> formation of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2)
  • What is the full form of CLI? -> : Command Line Interface
  • Which article is related to Rajya Vidhan Parishad? -> Article 169- Abolition or creation of Legislative Councils in States
  • Full form of CIL? -> Coal India ltd
  • Idukki Dam is on which river? -> Periyar
  • Supreme Court issue writs under which article? -> Article 32
  • Which of the following committees was appointed by the British government after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? -> Hunter Commission
  • Which Policy was introduced by Dalhousie? -> Doctrine of Lapse
  • How many TBs in 1 petabyte? -> 1,024 terabytes (TB) or approximately 1 million gigabytes (GB) in a petabyte
  • Who was the first Viceroy of India? -> Lord Canning
  • Which of the following is a Nagaland tribe? -> Total 16 tribes, Garo tribe
  • What happens when carbon dioxide is passed through lime water? -> White precipitates of calcium carbonate is formed.
  • Article by which SC has a power to issue writs on the enforcement of fundamental right? -> Article 32 and Article 226
  • Article on Legislative assembly -> Article 128
  • Victoria Falls is situated on which river? -> Zambezi River
  • Which gland secretes growth hormones? -> The pituitary gland
Topics No. of Question Level
History 6 Moderate
Polity 2 Easy
Geography 1 Easy
Static GK 2 Easy-Moderate
Biology 7 Easy-Moderate
Chemistry 2 Easy
Physics 5 Easy-Moderate
Computer 5 Easy
Current Affairs 11 Moderate
Total 40 Easy-Moderate

RRB NTPC Admit Card 2021 Download Region Wise

Candidate can download the Admit Card According to the region Wise by clicking on the below Link.

Link to Download Admit Card

RRB NTPC Review January 2021-How was Exam? Share your Feedback

The RRB NTPC Exam shift is over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help you know bits and parts of the exam. Share your Share your RRB NTPC Exam Review and know where you stand among thousands of aspirants who appeared for the exam. And if you remember any questions or the type, share it with us.Feedback 2018Your review will be propitious for the other candidates and will help them to build up their own strategies and plans for upcoming exams based on the review shared.

All the best for your upcoming exam!

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