SSC CGL Exam Analysis 11th June 2019 2nd Shift

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 11th June 2019- 2nd Shift (Tier 1 Questions Asked)

From the perspective of the exams done till now were of moderate level. Quantitative section was calculative and time-consuming. Reasoning and English Sections were generally easy. GA part was tougher as per expectation. Current affairs from previous year 2018 were also asked. Totally good attempts is lies between 69 to 79.

Today is the 6th day of CGL exam to be conducted. In this post, we will provide you the detailed analysis and review of SSC CGL exam for Tier 1.

The Commission is conducting the CGL (Tier-I) Examination 2018 for approx. 25.87 lakh candidates at 362 venues in 132 cities across the country between 4.6.2019 to 13.6.2019.

SSC CGL Actual Candidates Participation

Overall average attendance was 33.38%

Day Scheduled Candidates Actual Number of Candidates Appeared
04 June 4,24,625 1,40,386
06 June 4,00,825 1,33,796

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Cancelled

However, at 4 venues in 9 shifts the examination was cancelled due to serious technical issues which could not be rectified on time. These venues and their shifts of examinations, which were cancelled, are detailed below:-
(i) Soni Computer Centre, Patna (all 3 shifts)
(ii) Skymoon IT Point Pvt. Ltd., Patna (all 3 shifts)
(iii) Maa Santoshi Computers Pvt. Ltd., Patna (2nd and 3rd shift)
(iv) Lahauri Kashi Institute of Information Technology, Varanasi (3rd shift)
The affected candidates will be intimated about the fresh dates of their examination by 10.06.2019.

SSC CGL Exam Cancelled Notice

SSC CGL Exam Analysis – Good Attempts For Tier 1

According to the students participation and confirmation, below are the good attempts of questions.

Subject Total questions Good Attempts
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 22-23
General Awareness 25 16-17
Quantitative Aptitude 25 18-20
English Language 25 17-19
Total 100 68-79

Negative marking marks – 0.5 per question

Duration : 60 Minutes. [But 80 minutes for visually handicapped candidates]

SSC CGL Exam Analysis Reasoning 11 June 2019 (Tier 1 Questions Asked)

Will be updated Soon..

Topics No. of Ques Exam Level
Analogy 3-4 Easy
Odd One Out 2-3 Easy
Statement & Conclusions 1-2 Easy
Coding-Decoding 2-3 Easy
Mirror Image 1 Easy
Missing Term 2 Easy
Counting Figure 1 Easy
Hidden Figure 1 Easy
Complete Figure 1 Easy
Venn Diagram 1 Easy
Paper Folding Image 1 Easy
Misc. 1 Easy
Series 2 Easy to Moderate
Blood Relation 1 Difficult
Total questions 25 Easy

SSC CGL Exam Analysis GA 11 June 2019 (Tier 1 Questions Asked)

General Awareness (GA) section was also of moderate level in the today’s exam shifts.

SSC CGL Tier 1 GA Shift 2 Questions

1. Chemical formula of Baking Powder – NAHCO3

2. Pranam Yojana launched in which state ?-Madhya Pradesh

3. who was the 1st president of China ?-Sun Yat-sen(1866–1925)

4. Name the Prime Minister of Bangladesh who served for longest period ?-

5. Where was Vascodigama came in India ?- Kalikat

6. Who discovered small Pox Vaccine ?- Edward jenner

7. who gave Quantum theory ? Plank

8. Intensity of sound is measured in which unit  ?- Decible

9. who was the 1st Chief Minister of Kerala?- E.M.S. namboodiripad

10. Who is the author of book “India of My dreams” ?

11. Kazi Nazrule is poet of which country ?- Bangladesh

12. Who is current champion of World Champion

13. Which law states that pressure is equal to force per unit area ?-Pascal Law

14. Name the instrument which is used to measure the intensity of sound ?Photometer

15. Questions related to speed of light

16. 2nd highest waterfall in the world ?

17. National World Cup Winner – Lovline

18. 1st chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – Annaduari

Topics No. of Ques Level
History 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Physics 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Chemistry 4-5 Easy
Current Affairs 7-8 Moderate
Polity 2-4 Easy
Environment and Ecology 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Computer 1 Easy
Books & Author 1-2 Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis Quantitative Aptitude 11 June 2019 (Tier 1 Questions Asked)

Most of the candidates face the challenges to solve the Quantitative Aptitude part. It seems that the questions coming in the Quantitative Aptitude are lengthy. Candidates must focus on the tricks to solve the questions.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Quantitative Aptitude Shift 2 Questions

1. If A+B+C = 4, AB+BC+CA was given , we have to find A3+B3+C3-3ABC

2. Questions related to frustum

3. √x-1/√x=6, then find the value of x2+1/x2

4. cosec A = 13/12 the find the value of Sin A + cos A- tan A?

5. If A+B = 6, Ab = 16/3 , find the value of A3+B

6. Questions related to Chord of circle

7. 42x573y is divisible by 72, then find the value of x+y

8. if  the price of an article is increased by 17%. What % of decrease in the consumption must be done by the person so as to increase the expenditure by 10% ?

Topic No. of Qus Level
Profit & Loss 1-2 Easy
Average 1-2 Easy
Time and Work 1 Easy
Number System 1-2 Easy
Trignometry 2-3 Moderate
Interest 1-2 Easy
Ratio and Proportion 1 Easy
Mixture Problems 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Geometry 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Percentage 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Algebra 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 2 Moderate
Data Interpretation 3-5 Moderate
Total 25 Easy to Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis English Language 11 June 2019 (Tier 1 Questions Asked)

English language questions are of easy level if you know the grammar well. In today’s exam, English questions were of easy level.

SSC CGL Tier 1 English Shift 2 Questions

1. Synonym of Taciturn- Dumb, silent

2. Antonym of Mammoth- Little, small, undersized, dinky

3. Spelling of ” Exhibition”

4. Synonym of Covetous- Selfish, Voracious

5. Where fruit plants are grown ?- Orchard

6. Where arms are kept ?- Arsenal

Topics No. of Ques Level
Antonyms 2 Moderate
Cloze Test 6-8 Easy -Moderate
Error Spotting 4-5 Easy- Moderate
Phrase or Idiom Meaning 2-3 Moderate
Misspelled Word 1-2 Easy
Synonyms 1-2 Moderate
Sentence Improvement 3-4 Easy-Moderate
One Word Substitution 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Para Jumbles 5-6 Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Tier 1 Admit Card 2019

Aspirants can download the SSC CGL tier 1 exam admit card or hall tickets/ call letters.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Admit Card 2019 Download

SSC CGL Salary Procedure

Find the SSC CGL salary amount by clicking on below link.

SSC CGL Salary and Job Profile

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Shifts Timing

Exam Tier 1 will conduct from 4th June to 13th June 2019.

Direct Link to Check the exam time

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Pattern

Aspirants must see the SSC CGL tier 1 exam pattern.

Tier 1 Exam Pattern

SSC CGL Tier-1 Syllabus 2019

Candidates can check the SSC CGL Tier 1 syllabus here by clicking on below link.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Syllabus With Full Details

SSC CGL Exam Review 11th June 2019 Shift 2 For Tier 1 -How was Exam? Share your Feedback

Feedback 2018

The SSC CGL 11th June 2019 Shift 2nd Exam for Tier 1 is over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help you know bits and parts of the exam. Share your SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam review and know where you stand among thousands of aspirants who appeared for the exam. And if you remember any questions or the type, share it with us.

Your review will be propitious for the other candidates and will help them to build up their own strategies and plans for upcoming exams based on the review shared.

All the best for your upcoming exam!

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