History GK Questions and Answer – Quiz For HTET, CTET, SSC Exams

History GK Questions and Answer – Quiz For HTET, CTET, SSC Exams

1. Mohammad Gori designated the Qutubuddin Aibak as..

A. Sultan

B. Malik

C. Subedar

D.  Lakhbaksha

Ans.  B. 

2. The Birthplace of Akbar is…

A. Umerkot, Pakistan

B. Kabul

C. Kalanoor

D. Gurudaspur

Ans. A.

3. Who among the following not founder of ‘ Non- aligned Movement ‘

A. Nasir

B. Tito

C. Stalin

D. Nehru

Ans. C

4. In which period paper came into existence 1st time in China ?

A. 250 -300 AD

B. 100-150 AD

C. 300- 350 AD

D. 350-400 AD

Ans. B

5. Lord Curzon’s objectives behind partition of Bengal (1905) was 

A. To provide representation to the people

B. To increase the State Revenue

C. To weaken the nationalism in Bengal

D. To create the employment

Ans. C

6. The successor of Guru Nanak was…

A. Guru Teg Bahdur

B. Guru Arjun Dev

C. Guru Gobind Singh

D. Guru Angaddev

Ans. D

7. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched ?

A. Sanchi Stupa- Menandar

B. Pagoda at Puruspar – Kanishka

C. Hathigampa Inscription – Askhoka

D. Shinkot Inscription – Kharavela

Ans. B

8. The thirty years War was fought between the years

A. 1612 – 1642 AD

B. 1801 – 1831 AD

C. 1618 – 1648 AD

D. 1790 – 1820 AD

Ans. C

9. ‘Ulat Bansi’ belongs to…….

A. Surdas

B. Biharidas

C. Kabirdas

D. Chaitanya

Ans. C

10. The founder of Vijaynagar Empire were…..

A. Harihar II and Bukka II

B. Harihar I and Bukka I

C. Devray I and Harihar II

D. Krishandevray and Achutroy

Ans. B

11. Who was the leader of Santhal Revolt  ?

A. Sindhu

B. Birsa Munda

C. Kalu Ram

D. Karam Shah

Ans. A

12. Who was the first king of Satvahana dynasty 

A. Simuka

B. Shri Satkarni

C. Susharma

D. Krishna

Ans. A

13. The 1st Gupta King who hold the title of ‘ Maharajadhiraj’ was.

A. Gupta

B. Ghatotkacha]

C. Chandragupta I

D. Srigupta

Ans. C

14. The seals found at Indus Sites inform us about………..

A. Script & Religion

B. Town Planning

C. Drainage System

D. Literature

Ans. A

15. Who was the founder of Tatvabodhini Sabha ?

A. Raja Rammohan Ray

B. Kesab Chandra Sen

C. Debander Nath Tagore

D. Atmaram Pandurang

Ans. C

16. The evidence of ploughed field found at the early Harappan level belongs to….

A. Kalibangan

B. Amari

C. Kotdeeji

D. Geneshwar

Ans. A

17. ‘ Leelawati’ , written in early Medieval period is a book on…….

A. Astronomy

B. Literary Criticism

C. Mathematics

D. Medical Science

Ans. C

18. The road making process invented by a Scottish Engineer, was..

A. Roahds

B. Mc Adam

C. Cyrus Field

D. Graham Bell

Ans. B

19. The Mughal Empire Jahangir ruled India, during

A. 1556 – 1605 AD

B. 1605 – 1627 AD

C. 1658 – 1707 AD

D. 1530 – 1556 AD

Ans. B

20. Which amongst the following is not one of the factor for the rise of Magadha ?

A. Huge Agriculture Production

B. Iron Mines accessible for tools and  Weapons

C. Large Number of Elephants

D. The birth of Mahaveer and Buddha in the region

Ans. D

21. England recognized American Independence in which year ?

A. 1886 AD

B. 1776 AD

C. 1781 AD

D. 1778 AD

Ans. C

22. The present Indian State included in the ancient Tamilkam Kingdom of the South Are ?

A. Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

B. Karnataka, Sri Lanka, Maharashtra

C. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat

D. Pondichery, Keral, Maharashtra

Ans. A

23. Who was the president of Indian National Congress from 1886 – 1893 ?

A. W.C. Banerjee

B. A.O.Hume

C. Dadabhai Naroji

D. None of these

Ans. C

24. Which of the following rulers known as ‘ Amitraghata’ ?

A. Samundragupta

B. Kanishka

C. Bindusar

D. Chandragupta Maurya

Ans. C

25. Akbar awarded the title ‘ Zareen- i- Qalam to ?

A. Muhmmad Hussain

B. Todar Mal

C. Abdul Quadir

D. Sadullah Khan

Ans. A

26. Who among the following is credited for the Modernisation of Russia ?

A. Peter the Great

B. Alexander I

C. Alexander II

D. Charles the Great

Ans. A

27.  Which among is not the theory of Jainism.?

A. Pratityasamutpad

B. Jiva & Ajiva

C. Syadvada

D. Triratna

Ans. A

28. W.C.  Wyllie was shot dead by

A. Bhagat Singh

B. Chandra Shekhar Azad

C. Ashfaqullah

D. Madan Lal Dhingra

Ans. D

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