Logos And Taglines of Major Companies and Products

Logos And Taglines of Major Companies and Products

In business, a tagline or slogan is “a catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company.”

Logos And Taglines of Famous Companies and Products

Companies have slogans for the same reason they have logos, advertising. While logos are visual representations of a brand, slogans are audible representations of a brand. Both formats grab consumers attention more readily than the name a company or product might. In addition, they are easier and simpler to understand and remember.

What makes a Great Slogan?

A great slogan has most or all of the following characteristics:

♦ It should be memorable.

Slogan is quickly recognizable. People will have spend a second or two thinking about bout it. A brief, catchy, few words can go a long way or spread worldwide in advertisements, videos, posters, business cards, swag and other place.

♦ It should include a key benefit.

Have you ever heard the marketing advice, “Sell the Sizzle, not the steak”? It means sell the benefits, not the features – which perfectly applies to a slogan. A great slogan makes a company or product’s benefits clear to the audience.

♦ It should differentiate the brand.

For Example, What kind of flavour this Icecream have?

It is about your product or brands that sets it differently and apart from other competitors.

♦ It should impart positive feeling about the brands.

The best taglines use words that are positive and upbeat.

Company/ Product Tagline
ABN Amro Bank Making More Possible
Amul Butter Utterly Butterly Delicious
BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine
BPL Believe in the Best
BSNL Connecting India
Ceat Born Tough
Citigroup or Citibank The Citi Never Sleeps
CNBC Profit From It
DLF Building India
Hindustan Times The Name India Trusts For News
Honda The Power of Dreams
HSBC The World’s Local Bank
IBM On Demand
Idea Cellular An Idea Can Change Your Life
Infosys Powered By Intellect, Driven By Values
Max New York Life Insurance Your Partner For Life
Mc Donalds I’m Loving It
Microsoft Where Do You Want To Go Today, Your Potential Our Passion
MRF Tyres with Muscles
Nokia Connecting People
ONGC Making Tomorrow Brighter
Panasonic Ideas For Life
Philips Lets Make Things Better
Raymonds The Complete Man
Reid and Taylor Bond With The Best
Sansui Born In Japan

Entertaining The World

Tata Motors Even More Car Per Car
Tata Steel There is a bit of Steel in Everybody’s Life
The Indian Express Journalism of courage
Nike Just Do it
Apple Think Different
Dollar Shave Club Shave Time. Save Money
L’Oreal Because You’re Worth It
California Milk Processor Board Got Milk?
MasterCard There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard
Tesco Every Little Help
Audi “Vorsprung durch technik” (Advancement Through Technology)
Dunkin’ Donuts America Runs on Dunkin
McDonald’s I’m Loving It
The New York Times All the news That’s Fit to Print
General Electric Imagination at Work
Verizon Can You Hear Me Now? Good

1. YouTube

slogan of YouTube

2. Abbey National

Abbey National's Slogan

This bank understand you. A top example of empathy and value positioning as a solution to your (financial) problems.

3. Yellow Pages

slogan of Yellow Pages

4. Yahoo!

slogan of Yahoo!

5. Xeroxslogan of Xerox

6. Xbox 360

slogan of Xbox 360

7. Wisconsin

slogan of Wisconsin

8. Walmart

slogan of Walmart

9. Wall Street Journal

slogan of Wall Street Journal

10. Volvo

slogan of volvo

11. Volkswagen

slogan of Volkswagen

12. VISA

slogan of VISA

13. UPS

slogan of UPS

14. United Airlines

slogan of United Airlines

15. Toyota

slogan of Toyota

16. Toshiba

slogan of Toshiba

17. Tide

slogan of Tide

18. Sun Microsystems

slogan of Sun Microsystems

19. Subway

slogan of Subway

20. Sprite

slogan of Sprite

21. Sony

slogan of Sony

22. Singapore Airlines

slogan of Singapore Airlines

23. Shell Oil

slogan of Shell Oil

24. Sharp

slogan of Sharp

25. Samsung

slogan of Samsung

26. Reebok

slogan of Reebok

27. Redbull

slogan of Redbull

28. Red Cross

slogan of Red Cross

29. Porsche

slogan of Porsche

30. Polo

slogan of Polo

31. Philips

slogan of Philips

32. Pepsi

slogan of Pepsi

33. Panasonic

slogan of Panasonic

34. Oracle

slogan of Oracle

35. The New York Times

slogan of The New York Times

36. Nokia

slogan of Nokia

37. Nikon

slogan of Nikon

38. Nike

slogan of Nike

39. Motorola

slogan of Motorola

40. Microsoft

slogan of Microsoft

41. McDonald’s

slogan of McDonald’s

42. Maxwell House

slogan of Maxwell House

43. MasterCard

slogan of MasterCard

44. Marks & Spencer

slogan of Marks & Spencer

45. Mac Pro (Apple)

slogan of Mac Pro (Apple)

46. M&M’s

slogan of M&M’s

47. L’Oreal

slogan of L’Oreal

48. LG

slogan of LG

49. Levi’s

slogan of Levi’s

50. Lay’s

slogan of Lay’s

51. KPMG

slogan of KPMG

52. Kodak

slogan of Kodak

53. Nestle’s Kit-Kat

slogan of Nestle’s Kit-Kat

54. KFC

slogan of KFC

55. Johnnie Walker

slogan of Johnnie Walker

56. Jaguar

slogan of Jaguar

57. Intel

slogan of Intel

58. Imax

slogan of Imax

59. IBM

slogan of IBM

60. HSBC

slogan of HSBC

61. Honda

slogan of Honda

62. Holiday Inn

slogan of Holiday In

63. Hewlett Packard

slogan of Hewlett Packard

64. Hershey’s

slogan of Hershey’s

65. Harley Davidson

slogan of Harley Davidson

66. Hallmark

slogan of Hallmark

67. Goldfish

slogan of Goldfish

68. Google

slogan of Google

69. Goodyear

slogan of Goodyear

70. Gillette

slogan of Gillette

71. General Electric

slogan of General Electric

72. Fortune Magazine

slogan of Fortune Magazine

73. Ford

slogan of Ford

74. Federal Express

slogan of Federal Express

75. Facebook

slogan of Facebook

76. Ernst & Young

slogan of Ernst & Young

77. Energizer

slogan of Energizer

78. eBay

slogan of eBay

79. Disneyland

slogan of Disneyland

80. DHL

slogan of DHL

81. Dell

slogan of Dell

82. De Beers

slogan of De Beers

83. Courier Express

slogan of Courier Express

84. Compaq

slogan of Compaq

85. Coca-Cola

slogan of Coca-Cola

86. CNN

slogan of CNN

87. CMPB

slogan of CMPB

88. Citibank

slogan of Citibank

89. Cisco Systems

slogan of Cisco Systems

90. Canon

slogan of Canon

91. Calvin Klein

slogan of Calvin Klein

92. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

slogan of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

93. Acer

slogan of Acer

94. Adidas

slogan of Adidas

95. Ajax

slogan of Ajax

96. American Airlines

slogan of American Airlines

97. American Express

slogan of American Express

98. Burger King

slogan of Burger King

99. Avon

slogan of Avon

100. Apple

slogan of Apple

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