RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th Oct 2018 – All Shift 1st, 2nd, 3rd

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30 October 2018 – All Shift 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Railway RRB Group D Exam is also conducting today i.e. 30 October 2018. There are 62,907 vacancies for the Railway Group D posts. RRB Group D exam is taking place in three  shift 1st (9 AM),2nd (12:30 PM),3rd (4 PM). This article covers the questions asked and expected cut off up to level candidate should attempt. Our AffairsGuru Team is not leaving any stone to analyse the Railway all shifts. All the aspirants who have still next shift exam, they can get clear idea about the exam pattern and difficult level. Candidates will also able to get PDF.

RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th October 2018

Railway or RRB Group D Shift Timing

There are three shifts in which RRB or Railway Group D Exam has been divided. There are some points that should be in mind while giving exams.

RRB Group D Exam Month Date
September 2018 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 26th
October 2018 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th,  9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 29th
November 2018 1st, 2nd, 12th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 26th, 27th
December 2018 3rd, 4th and 5th
  • RRB Group D Exam is Computer Based Test.
  • Exam will be Bilingual (English & Hindi).
  • First Stage CBT round is for selecting candidates for second rounds CBT.
  • Marks of first CBT will not be included in the final merit list.
  • First Stage CBT will be for 90 minutes total only.
  • 1 / 3rd for every Incorrect Answer.
  • Total 100 questions will only be asked.
Shifts Timing
Shift 1 Timing 09.00 AM to 10.30 AM
Shift 2 Timing 12.30 PM to 02.00 PM
Shift 3 Timing 04.00 PM to 05.30 PM

RRB Group D Exam Pattern 2018

Aspirants can check the Railway or RRB group d exam pattern below in tabulated form also.

Sections No. of Questions
Maths 25
GI & Reasoning 30
GS 25
GA and Current Affairs 20
Total 100

Railway or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th October 2018 1st Shift

Below is given the Railway / RRB Group D Exam analysis. Good attempts that need to do for chances of clearing this exam and appearing for second CBT.

Section Level Good Attempts
General Awareness on Current Affairs Moderate 12-14
General Intelligence & Reasoning Easy 22-23
General Science Easy-Moderate 13-14
Mathematics Moderate 14-16
Overall Moderate 65-69

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th Oct 2018- Maths Question Asked

The level of Railway Or RRB Group D Maths was Easy-Moderate. Below are some maths questions asked in shift 1st.

1. Ratio of ilk and water in a mixture of 35 liters is 4:1, If 7 liters water is added then find the ratio of Water and Milk ?3:2

2. Before 10 years , A is 5 times of his son and after 12 years , 3 times of his son , Find present age of his son ?32 years

3. A train 125 long passes a Pole in 5 seconds, Find speed of train ?-

4. Ratio of milk and water in a mixture  of 75 liter is 2:1, How much liter of water should be added so that ratio of milk in water becomes 1:2 ?

5. An amount becomes  Rs. 2100 in 2 years and 2250 in 5 years , Find the rate of Interest and Principle ?- Principle – Rs.2000 , Rate of Interest 2.5%

6. A, B and C takes a contract to complete a work in Rs 6500 , A completes that work in 10 days and B in 15 days , C takes 20 days to complete that work, If they work together , what will be the wages of B ? 2000

Topics No. of Question Level
Time & Work 3-4 Easy
Algebra & Trignometry 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 3-4 Easy
Time and Distance 1 Easy-Moderate
Age Calculation (Average) 1-2 Easy
Percentage 1-2 Easy-Moderate
Profit and Loss 2 Easy-Moderate
SI & CI 2 Easy
Geometry 3 Easy-Moderate
Miscellaneous 4-5 Easy
Total 14-16 Easy-Moderate

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th Oct 2018-  General Intelligence & Reasoning Question Asked

The level of Railway (RRB) General Intelligence & Reasoning was Easy to Moderate. Below are some question asked in Shift 1st.

1. Mirror Image of Mat

Topics No. of Question Level
Coding and Decoding 4 Easy
Analogy 2-3 Easy
Hidden Figure 2 Easy
Calender 1-2 Easy
Venn Diagram 2 Easy
Conclusions and Decision Making 3 Easy-Moderate
Directions 1 Easy
Alphabetical & Number System 3 Easy
Syllogism 4 Easy
Relationship 1 Easy-Moderate
Image 1-2 Easy
Total 22-24 Easy

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th Oct 2018 – Question Asked in General Awareness (GA)

1. 1 questions were related to IIFA Award 2017.

2. What is Musroom ?- It is a species of fungi, The plant of Mushroom contains the Clorophil which is used to convert energy from sunlight into Carbohydrates.

3. Who is honored with the Padma Bushan Award 2017 ?- Sarad Pawar, Murli Manohar Joshi , Vasudev, Ramchandra Rao, K.J. Yesudash and P.A Sagma

4. United Nation Day is observed on which date ?-24th october

5. Who is India Ambassador in Brazil ?- Ashok Dash

6. Which team has won the Santosh Trophi Football 2017 ?- West bengal

7. Prime Minister of Srilanka

8. 1 questions were related to 1st time election in India

9. starting of 1st five year term planning ?- 1951

10. Who is known as father of Green Revolution ?- Norman Borlong

11. Prime Minister of India after Independence ?- J.L. Nehru

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th Oct 2018 – Question Asked in General Science (GS) -Shift 1

1. Name the planet which is b/w of Sun and Earth ?

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th October 2018 2nd Shift.

Sections Good – Attempts Level
General Awareness on Current affairs 12-15 Easy-Moderate
General Science 13-14 Easy-Moderate
Maths 15-17 Moderate
Reasoning ability 22-24 Easy
Overall 65-72 Easy-Moderate

Below are some questions asked in the 2nd Shift of 30th October 2018.

1. Where is the headquarter of Security Exchange Board of India located ? -Mumbai

2. Who is the author of Midnight Children Book ?- Salman Rushadi

3. 1 question related to Satyagrah Movement

4. Which state has largest production of Rubber?- Mizorome

5. Which Vitamin helps to fill the wounds of human body ?- Vitamin C

6. Who is honored with the Dada Saheb Falke Award 2017?- Vinod Khanna

7. Who is the writer of ‘The Rule Breaker ‘ Book ?- Preeti

8. 1-2 questions were asked from the chemical formula of substance.

9. Who is the 41st Prime Minister of Nepal ?- K.P. Oli Sharma

10.Who is the father of Genetics ?- Gregor Mendal

11. 20% discount is given on the MRP of a thing, and earn 5% profit, If the profit is Rs. 40, Then find the MRP of things ?

12. A completes a work in 15 days and B in 20 days, they complete the work with the help of C in 5 days, If the expenses on work is Rs.15000, Find the difference b/w the share of A and C ?

13. A students walks from home to school at the speed of 12 km/h , reach 30 minutes late, Next days he walks by 15Km/h arrives 10 minutes before the school time find the distance from home to school ?

Railway Or RRB Group D Exam Analysis 30th October 2018 3rd Shift

Below are some questions asked in the 3rd Shift of 30th October 2018.

1. National Game of Bhutan

2. One questions related to the constitution of Governor

3. Which country have the UBBEr Cup 2018 ?- Japan

4. Find the value of root 6?-2.5

5. A is brother of B , B is daughter of C, D is mother of B , Express the relationship of C with A?- Granddaughter

6. Find the number of Thrusday in 2002 ?

7. Find the ODD from this series 2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,12 ?- 11

8. Transport Minister of Madhya Pradesh ?- Bhuma AkhilPriya

9. Which country has hosted the Sultan Aljan Shah Cup 2018 ?- Malashiya

10. Who built the Brihdeshvar Temple ?- Raja Raj 1st

Railway or RRB Group D Exam Review 30th October 2018 All Shift 1, 2, 3-How was Exam? Share your Feedback

Feedback 2018RRB or Railway Group D Exam 30th October Shift 1 & Shift 2 & Shift 3  is over now. So, it’s time to share your experience with the exam as it will help you know bits and parts of the exam. Share your Share your RRB Railway Group D Exam Review and know where you stand among thousands of aspirants who appeared for the exam. And if you remember any questions or the type, share it with us.

Your review will be propitious for the other candidates and will help them to build up their own strategies and plans for upcoming exams based on the review shared.

All the best for your upcoming exam!

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