SSB Interview Procedure PDF – Day Wise Info To Crack SSB Interview

SSB Interview Procedure PDF – Day Wise Information To Crack SSB Interview

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SSB stands for Service Selection Board. Indian Army, Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy are the three elite (superior) armed forces of India. These boards are designated to conduct interview for shortlisting the candidates who will be imparted military training and then inducted into defence force of India. For Indian Air Force, the SSB has been called as AFSB which stands for Air Force Selection Board.

SSB Interview is a 5 days selection process through which candidates are selected for joining the Indian Armed Forces such as Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Coastal Guard.

How will you get the SSB Interview Call?

Firstly, you need to get the SSB Interview for joining the Armed forces. In order to get the Interview call, you have to fill the application form via online mode which is available from time to time on the websites of these armed forces. Submit the Application form with the required information and application fees. If you meet the eligibility criteria like graduation  cut off marks, only then you will get the SSB Interview call.

Direct Entry : As you fill the form above through online mode with you details, this is a Direct Entry (i.e. the type of Entries do not require any kind of exam to be cleared before coming to the SSB Interview). These entries available particularly in Army’s TGC, SSC, UES (selection through personal interviews in colleges etc.)

  • Direct Entry exist in Navy
  • Direct Entry does not exist in Air Force.
  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC) Entry is a type of entry through which an engineering graduate (only male) can join the Indian Army as an officer.
  • University Entry Scheme (UES) is a scheme which Navy has started way back in 1950s. You will get a chance to interact with screening board of UES-Navy as they come to your college.

Indirect Entry : Candidate can also get the call after clearing the CDS (Combined Defence Services) Examinations.

Below is the details of 5 day long SSB Interview Procedure given.

SSC Interview Procedure Map

SSC Mains Structure

Reporting/ Registration Day

On the Reporting day, Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) will check your original as well as Xeroxes of your mark sheets from 10th standard onward.

SSB Interview Procedure _ Reception

If some important documents are missing, you will have to leave the SSB Centre at that point of time and Defence Vehicle will drop you at railway station without TA/ DA.

If candidates have all the documents, then there is need to fill below three forms.

  • Identification Form
  • Travel Allowance Form
  • Marks Cards

If you want to get Travel Allowance (TA), then attach the original travel tickets to the form.

After all this documentation, JCO will tell you about the procedures and schedules, rules and regulations for the next 5 days. All selected candidates will get the dinner and a bed where you can rest and prepare for the next day.

First Day : Screening Test

First Day will normally be started at 6:30 AM. You have to get ready and have breakfast and gather at the assembly point. The test normally starts at 7 AM.

SSB Interview Procedure

I.Q Test :

  • There will be 2 tests of approximately half and hour each.
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Test

After finishing of above two tests , there will be next test of PPDT.


  • It is a Picture Perception and Description Test.
  • In this test, you are shown hazy black and white picture for 30 seconds, then you need to write a story about picture in 4 Minutes.
  • Now you all will get the Lunch and TA who are eligible for it.
  • Result will be announced, those who make it, will remains in the selection centre for further testing for 4 days.
  • Those who are not able to make it will be dropped at the railway station.

SSB Mains

Second Day : Psychological Tests

Next day will be start like previous as breakfast and reporting. On second day, you will undergo psychological tests. These are as follow below.

  1. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SDT)

For Example, Picture – While going to school you saw a boy drown away in the river. Now after reading this situation, you have to think that what will you do if you face same situation in the real life.

Points :

  • Some of you might have thought that he/she will call for help.
  • Some might say that he/she will throw a rope and take the boy out of water.
  • Other might say that he/she jumped into the river and took the boy out of the river and hospitalized him and went to school.

Note : Similarly, there could be thousands of similar response, there is no wrong or right answer it’s all about your point of view and that is what the psychologist wants to know. In these test, your response will be surely connected with the previous experiences that you had in life and you will indirectly tell many things about you to the psychologists. During these tests, no other candidate will disturb you or influence you by his performance. You will be doing this test individually on an answer booklet given to you.

Interviews are lined up for some of the candidates, so they are not allowed to leave the premises. The other candidates are allowed to leave the premises and visit to the city.

Third and Fourth Day : GTO Tasks

Here your ground skills will be checked. GTO will take care of this test. Rounds that will be performed by the candidates on 3rd and 4th days as.

  • GD
  • Military Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Task
  • Final Group Task
  • Lecturettee
  • Command Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Snake Race

Then the interview of all the remaining candidates take place within these two days.

Fifth Day : Conference 

  • Wear the best dress. Every selected candidate till now will be called in the conference room and asked few questions about the stay, food etc.
  • In Conference, all the Testing Officer will be asking you the questions like below.
  • 1. How was your stay at the SSB Board?
  • 2. Did you go out anywhere? Who accompanied you? Where did you go and what all did you find there?
  • 3. How was the food in the mess?
  • 4. Any other suggestions?
  • Final Result will be announced and THE FINAL SELECTED CANDIDATES will go for the medical examination. All other will be dropped at railway station.

Medical Examination

  • Selected Candidates will undergo for the MEDICAL EXAMINATION further for 5 to 6 days.
  • If they are found physically fit, they have to just pray to see their name in the final list.
  • If there are some defect or disease is found in the Candidates who can be cured, they will be provided with 40 days time for cure.
  • But if there is permanent defect in the body like flat foot, knocking knees etc., then candidate will be declared as not medically fit for the armed forces.

SSB Interview Procedure PDF Download

SSB Interview Procedure PDF Download

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